Corporate gift ideas for progressive business managers

If you are an innovative business manager with a team of trendy young staff, perhaps it is time to think outside the square when it comes to corporate gift ideas.

While gift vouchers to popular stores and bottles of wine have long been staple choices as thank you presents or incentive rewards at the office, progressive company leaders may wish to step up their contributions and make a positive impression on the whole staff.

Unfortunately the weather in many parts of the country continues to defy the season, so perhaps consider adding items that serve well in cold or rainy conditions.

Knitted scarves certainly help to keep the neck warm, while a quality wallet or credit card holder might be handy when people need access to their personal items outdoors.

With colds and allergies often resulting from sharp changes to the weather, employees are also likely to appreciate a decent pocket handkerchief to deal with those sniffles on the run.

For genuinely special occasions you might consider ordering personalised gifts with your staff member's initials embroidered subtly, while small brand logos on items such as ties and cufflinks could be ideal for individuals who spend a lot of time representing the business in face-to-face meetings.