Offer a corporate gift with a handshake when promoting staff

Sometimes in the busy and high-pressure environment of the modern corporate world we can lose sight out of good traditional values about treating people the way we would like to be treated ourselves.

While getting the final signature on a sale or new deal generally still requires a bit of common courtesy and attentive service, things can be very different on the inside where bosses might pay little attention to staff needs or employees may lack the motivation to be polite to the same co-workers every day.

Of course this is not the case at the majority of workplaces, but to stifle any potential for a negative atmosphere to develop within the office it might be a good idea for managers to take a more proactive approach.

Rather than only emerging from the corner office to question staff or check on progress, effective leaders are also known to stop by a department to give positive feedback or even just share a friendly exchange.

This type of attitude can keep the lifeblood of the company - its hard-working staff - content and inspired to do their best at all times.

Another gesture that might go a long way is to reward dedicated employees who receive a promotion with a special corporate gift - such as a personalised tie or silk scarf - a wonderful way to say congratulations on a job well done in front of the whole office.

When other managers are offering nothing more than a handshake and a pep talk, an extra effort is likely to be noticed for all the right reasons.