Dressing to impress on the dating scene

If you are single and currently looking it might be worth considering just how important first impressions can be - and no matter how sartorially minded you there is rarely such a thing as too dressed up in the early dating stages.

While you may feel more comfortable in casual clothing, there is no harm in adding just a touch of class to your usual style in order to impress.

According to fashion columnist for BusinessDay Luke Malone, what you wear on a first date in particular is likely to be carefully noted and analysed - so it is your job to ensure that the lasting impression is a positive one.

"When it comes to the early stages of wining and dining, you’re expected to kick things up a notch in the clothing and grooming departments," Malone wrote in an article titled First Impressionism today (February 17).

One mistake men tend to make is to plan a wonderful evening at a great local restaurant but turn up in clothes that far from match the mood.

As Malone says, this is one of those rare occasions where you are expected to look your best - so why not embrace it?

"A blazer jacket worn over a crisp, clean shirt and dark jeans will do just nicely. You might even want to slip on a tie if the mood takes you," he adds.

With a unique tie designed to your own specifications in colours that complement your complexion, you will stand out for all the right reasons the second you greet your date.