Enhancing your outfit with stylish accessories

While your shirt, trousers and shoes might attract the most focus when you first enter a room, often it is the finer details that leave a lasting impression on the people that count.

Whether you are attending a job interview, wedding, corporate function or simply dressing up for a particular occasion, if you want to stand out in a positive way there are a number of subtle sartorial strategies you might wish to employ.

Keen fashion observers are just as likely to note the shine of your cufflinks, clever use of a tie bar, addition of a bold belt buckle or the extra touch of sophistication with your lapel pin.

These are the additions to your outfit that show you in your best light - well groomed and possessing an attention to detail that is often highly respected and sought after in any aspect of life.

With this in mind, what accessories do you have to choose from when preparing for an important event?

If the extent of your executive wardrobe is a decent suit and a few crisp shirts, it might be time to look at building up a section of items you can mix, match and layer to create a unique appearance every time you step outside the house.