Unique ties and other accessories on men's shopping lists

If the talk around the worldwide fashion industry is true, it appears that male shoppers have recovered from the global financial crisis in force and are keen to start purchasing again.

Menswear fashion director at Saks Fifth Avenue, Eric Jennings, says that while men trailed their female counterparts in post-recession spending, many are now making up for lost time.

"If they learned one thing through the recession, it's that looking schlumpy is not going to help you keep your job, get promoted or get a new job," Jennings told The New York Times on Sunday (February 22).

"I think they're taking their appearance more seriously."

The other prominent trend of recent times is for men to stock up on stylish accessories as much as new suits and silk shirts, as they look to embrace the traditionally women's fashion domain.

From established additions such as vintage-themed unique ties, bowties, scarves and interesting belts to more contemporary options such as holdalls and wristwear, men have embraced the virtues of accessorising like never before.

One of the great advantages of a lot of male fashion items these days is their versatility, with products designed to be worn both to the office and to social gatherings.