Executive gifts show appreciation to project leaders

Very often there is an expectation that business managers will reward hard-working employees for reaching important milestones or sales targets, with the idea being to show that their efforts are appreciated and to garner good will for the future.

But perhaps less common is a team of workers showing their appreciation to a leader at the completion of a major task.

If you were recently involved in lengthy or challenging project at work - perhaps an unusual client request had been made that required an all-hands-on-deck approach - then there is a very good chance that one or two individuals were responsible for overseeing its operation.

With that responsibility comes a certain pressure, so why not say thanks for their guidance as a group by offering them some one-off executive gifts?

It might be a simple package comprising a personalised tie, belt buckle, pen and mug, but this gesture is bound to be well received and tell those in charge that their efforts did not go unnoticed.

Pooling funds as a group means the cost per person will be minimal, while the positive impact on the recipient is likely to be long-lasting.