Club members show pride with branded accessories

Being part of a team or club certainly does not have to mean running around a sports field or exhausting yourself at training on the court - in fact, there are numerous ways you can enjoy the benefits of group camaraderie without ever breaking into a sweat.

Perhaps you are the member of a chess club, debating team or regular cards night that has been meeting at the same time and place for years.

Whatever your pastime happens to be, it might be a nice idea to celebrate your unique bond by having branded gifts created for everyone to cherish.

Cufflinks, money clips, pewter mugs or poker accessories specially designed to incorporate your club emblem or motto can provide a real sense of togetherness - not to mention how great it looks when a team turns up to a contest with matching attire and accessories that send a message of unity.

As team captain you could consider surprising everyone with a gift package at training one night.

Alternatively, why not ask everyone else if they would like to chip in and build up a fund to spend on personalised items?