Gentlemen favour tailored ties and traditional values

Do you consider yourself to be a gentleman or does your etiquette sometimes leave a lot to be desired?

According to one Brisbane man with a rather unique goal to lift the social game of Australian men, a few minor adjustments can help you upgrade from childish to charming.

Peter Ryan is the founder and host of the second annual Be A Gentleman Day on February 22 - and the father of two commented to ABC News yesterday that traditional values and standards of politeness need to be revived to make the world a better place.

While some good old-fashioned behaviour would not go astray among some men, Mr Ryan says that the ultimate objective should be to create a modern version of 'gentlemanly' behaviour.

"Nowadays you don't see gentlemen throwing their coats in puddles and rushing over to the other side of the horse and cart to help a woman down. In modern society it is really just about empathy," he told the broadcaster.

An extra focus on sartorial style might not go astray either, with Mr Ryan stating his case while dressed immaculately in a dark suit and striped tailored tie. Naturally, he was also holding a bouquet of flowers.