Gift boxes hold the professional man's accessory items

You can easily spot a man who enjoys the finer things in life by keeping an eye out for the quality of his cufflinks, the brand of his watch or the tailored fit of his shirt and trousers.

Whether this man is a friend, family member or work colleague, if you are considering what to buy him for an upcoming important milestone - at least you know which end of the style scale to focus on.

T-shirts and caps do not appear to be a major feature of this man's wardrobe, so you need to concentrate on finding executive gifts that ooze class and professionalism.

If he already has a fine collection of ties, cufflinks, watches and other flashy accessories, what are your remaining options?

One great idea could be to purchase a gift box specifically designed to hold important personal items, so that they do not end up haphazardly left on side tables or kitchen benches where they might be forgotten.

You already know he has the accessories - this is your chance to provide him the perfect place to keep them safe.