A 'timeless approach' to fashion helps men attract attention

You might be sufficiently satisfied with the way you dress, but does your style appeal to prospective partners as much as you assume?

According to one of the people behind a new project to help guide men through the process of dressing to attract members of the opposite sex, plenty of suitors have a lot to learn.

Vince Lin is part of the Honeyplex team that recently launched Seducing With Style (SWS) - a website designed to arm men with improved knowledge about how their choice of attire can make a serious impression, no matter what happens to be on trend at the time.

"Real style stays the same, fashion changes," Lin asserted yesterday (February 27).

"If you look beyond the 'wear your dress shirt one inch longer than your suit jacket' advice, you'll start to see the underlying biological mechanisms for attraction, which none of these larger, more popular men's magazines explore."

Lin added that since style is "timeless", a man can learn to appreciate what works in a broad sense, rather than focus too intently on specific combinations favoured that season.

Fashion advice for men is abundant these days, but one thing that never changes is the fact a unique tie over a crisp shirt leads to a sharp appearance for any occasion.