Personalise your Wedding with Personalised Underwear

I thought a wedding was supposed to be a formal occasion. That was until I attended my friend’s wedding in Sydney. Granted, the ceremony itself was very formal and the bride did look stunning in her white gown, but as the sun went down and the drinks at the reception began to flow, the unsuspecting crowd, myself included, had no idea what we were about to see.


Personalised underwear with the words 'Just Married'Now, I’m about to get a little risqué here, so I apologise in advance but what happened was such an exhibition that I just have to talk about it.


To cut a long story short, the groom, his beautiful bride and the whole bridal party decided to entertain the reception party with a racy dance that ended in them being semi-naked.


It started with a normal ‘clothed’ dance – the bridal waltz. Slow, romantic and safe. We all applauded as bride and groom swayed on the dance floor to the husky vocals of Michael Bolton. 


Suddenly, much to everyone’s surprise, the music switched into Gangnam-Style and the rest of the bridal party invaded the dance floor like a flash mob. As the music pumped and the lights flashed, the mob on the dance floor – including the newlyweds – began to shed their clothing until they were all dancing with nothing but their underwear on. 


It was a naughty sight, some would say shocking, and it was made even naughtier by the bridal party’s personalised BONDS underwear, a fascinating product from


Both the bride and groom had a pair of matching bottoms saying ‘Just Married” and when the groom turned around, a printed message across his bum flashed “Property of Lisa”. All but one in the crowd cheered as the bridal party strutted their stuff.


“Well, I never…” shrieked an elderly female voice from in the crowd. I turned and saw the Bride’s grandmother fall back into her chair, aghast at the sight before her. Her husband, Grandpa Reg, didn’t seem to notice. He was already up and making his way to the dance floor. 


Soon a raucous crowd had gathered under the disco ball, including Uncle Tony, who was doing his best Robot dance in his ‘Sex pistol’ briefs and Aunt Mavis, krumping around the wedding cake. It was a perfect twist to an otherwise ‘formal’ affair, I simply love it!


It was a wild celebration on a very happy day – made memorable by the personalised his and her briefs from


Later, I asked my friend where he had got the idea from and he said that he was shopping for cufflinks, tiespocket squares, and other accessories on and came across the personalised underwear section. After some convincing, he talked his bride and the rest of the bridal party to all get personalised printed underwear for the dance. He told me Ties’n’Cuffs allowed for any personal motif, motto or message to be printed on the 100% BONDS cotton undergarments and it only cost $30. “The BONDS trunks are so comfy, that I got an extra pair for the honeymoon,” he said.


I’ll leave it up to your imagination as to what he had printed on that pair! Next time I need a quirky, unique gift, personalized printed underwear will be on top of my list!


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