The Gentleman's Pocket Square Guide

For the dapper gentleman who knows how to make a statement, nothing articulates suave and sophistication quite like a well tailored suit with a clean, precisely folded pocket square. Here's a pocket square guide that will help any gentleman deal with one of the requirements of black-tie attire.


Indeed, the pointed crest, carefully chosen colour and sharp lines not only complete a look of elegance and timeless appeal on a man’s well defined chest –  it also provides a practical service, should the call for chivalry be issued. Yes, chivalry is still cool in 2016!


Choosing a pocket square


A gentleman must put some thought into picking the colour of his pocket square. He wants to make the right statement and turn heads by impressing both men and women, with the right look.


He starts by selecting a pocket square that is a different colour from his suit. For example, if he is wearing a navy suit, he won’t wear a navy pocket square. Instead, he chooses a colour that compliments his suit but is not too loud, such as burgundy, brown, or even white.


Likewise, a gentleman avoids having his pocket square directly mirroring the colour of his shirt. He would not wear a tie that is the same colour as his shirt, and he applies this same principle to the choice of his pocket square. That said, he also knows that colours of a similar tone are acceptable and can even showcase an element of stylishness, such as a light blue shirt with a dark blue pocket square.


Note: If a gentleman is wearing a black suit, then a white or light cream square should be his first, last and only choice. It’s classic, elegant and timeless.


Perfecting the look


There are a number of ways a sophisticated gentleman chooses to fold his pocket square. Let one of the two most common folds be your guide:


Silk texture pocket squareThe Single Peak


The strong and well defined fold peaking from a gentleman’s jacket pocket is a classic look that never fails to impress.  Its simple elegance can also add height to a gentleman’s torso.


To make the peak, fold the square into quarters. Position the square so that it appears as a diamond-shap and then fold the left and right corners into the centre. Tuck into the pocket exposing the top half of the design.


For added firmness, so the peak doesn’t droop, fold the bottom up three quarters of the length.


Red pattern pocket squareThe Reverse

A gentleman will certainly get the compliments he deserves with this stunning and decorative fold. Imitating the flair of the gentleman who wears it, this fold will get those tongues wagging about that dapper squire whose presence has graced them at the most regal of occasions.


To create the Reverse, fold the square roughly in half along the diagonal so that the points don’t match. A gentleman wants the uneven fold to be clearly seen. Next, pull the two ends up and over far enough to make four points. Fold the edges in to match the width of the pocket. Pull up the bottom and tuck into the jacket pocket. A patterned pocket square works best when creating the Reverse fold because the eye can easily separate the two folded edges in the pocket.


How a gentleman cares for his pocket square



Keep it clean – A sophisticated gentleman should always display a clean square. Avoid squares that are old, faded, crumpled and shabby in appearance. Indeed, a square need only be used once. However, if the pocket square has been tucked away in the closet for a few years, a gentleman must give it a wash before accessorising his look.


A gentleman will always use his pocket square –Nothing is more chivalrous than a gentleman coming to the rescue of a female guest in an emergency. A spilt glass of bubbly or a teary eye can be made all the more bearable with the soft touch of a 100% silk handkerchief passed along by a masculine hand.


Know where to shop – A gentleman knows that the secret to a graceful pocket square is in its craftsmanship. He never settles for anything less than 100% tailored silk and if you can ask him for tips, he will tell you that he buys his finest pocket squares from