Corporate Ties and Cufflinks

The corporate dress code is about so much more than projecting a particular image: It can cultivate a sense of pride and unity in the workplace for employees and a sense of trust and recognition for customers and guests. It is important that workers always look polished and professional, but more than that, they must have some sort of visible indication that they work for a specific company. They must be recognizable and consistent to eliminate any possibility of confusion. The dress code must also be representative of the company and all that it stands for. Employees can simply wear matching uniforms and name tags specially tailored for their particular business, but in order to really stand out, custom designed extras featuring the corporate logo are the best possible option.

There are no limits for what can be done with a corporate logo. It can be placed on formal accessories like ties, cufflinks,and lapel pins, or on more casual pieces like scarves and hats. Ties are the epitome of professional business attire and can be found in an endless variety of colors and patterns. The logo can be repeated as an all-over pattern for a tie to provide a whimsical, yet professional, representation of the brand. For a more subtle approach, place the logo on the bottom and incorporate the color scheme of the logo throughout the tie. Cufflinks and lapel pins can be made in an exact likeness of the logo in gold or silver, or even in full color for maximum impact. For more casual events, hats and T-shirts featuring the company logo are a perfect way to maintain consistency and recognition among workers while allowing for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Custom accessories are perfect for employee and customer rewards, gifts, and giveaways and can go a long way in boosting morale, which will in turn boost productivity. Everyone likes to feel appreciated and even a small gesture like a custom lapel pin or a branded hat will make a positive impression. As an added bonus, gifted accessories can be a great source of free advertising, as the brand will be seen and recognized outside of the workplace.