Custom Made Cufflinks


Cufflinks put the finishing touch on business or formal attire. They're small, but they also make it easy for the man or woman wearing them to show off a little personal flair. Ties 'n' Cuffs sells customized cufflinks that really allow you to get your brand or message across.

Cufflink Styles

The cufflinks we sell come in five designs:

3D cufflinks are cut to your specified shape and finished with laser engraving if you choose. The 3D cufflinks are available in enamel or rhodium-plated brass. We can have your order ready for shipping in three or four weeks.

Enamel cufflinks are crafted from rhodium-plated brass to last a long time. Your design is stamped into the brass, plated with rhodium, and then covered in enamel. Like the 3D cufflinks, enamel cufflinks take three to four weeks to complete.

Engraved cufflinks come in a silver tone and a variety of plating options. The silver cufflinks come engraved with your image. These are ready for shipping in one day.

Printed logo cufflinks take a plain cufflink and insert a vinyl printout of your design. The vinyl logo is then covered with resin. These also take one day to have ready for shipping.

Finally, the sterling silver cufflinks are sterling silver plated in rhodium for durability and shine. The cufflinks are easy to cut to shape or etched with lasers. They take three or four weeks to have ready for shipping.

Ask for a Quote

Ties 'n' Cuffs offers free quotes for custom cufflinks. Email, phone, or use the online contact form to get a quote for the custom made cufflinks designed with your uploaded image.