Great Traditional Anniversary Gift Ideas

Red, glowing, heart-shaped stone held by two hands 

 It's an old custom to celebrate a wedding anniversary with a specific item. By presenting a couple with an item that matches the number of years of wedded bliss, you bring them good luck for another year. This tradition dates back to the Roman Empire when husbands presented their wives with a silver wreath on the 25th anniversary and a golden one on their 50th. It is now 2016, what sort of anniversary gifts do people give nowadays?

Most people associate a 25th anniversary as being the silver anniversary, and the 50th is the golden anniversary. There are also gift lists for every anniversary, something that anyone would love to receive, from the very first to the 100th. Ties 'n' Cuffs has personalized items that match many of the materials on the wedding anniversary gift list, you'll never run out of gift ideas.


After making it through the first year of marriage, the traditional gift is something involving paper. Typically, this isn't a big event, however. The ten-year anniversary is a larger reason to celebrate because the median duration of a marriage before separation is just under nine years.

Aluminum is the traditional gift for a 10th wedding anniversary. Have a collectible coin crafted for your favorite couple. Ties 'n' Cuffs' collectible coins and medallions and custom-made pins contain aluminum. Have your customized design added using enamel or screen printed for an added splash of color. You can also order money clips, key rings and other fun items in silver plating that looks like aluminum.


The 19th anniversary's traditional gift is bronze. Ties 'n' Cuffs has many items that are rhodium-plated bronze. Why not present your favorite couple with matching key rings that have been personalized with your special message?


The 25th or silver anniversary is the next big milestone. Ties 'n' Cuffs offers plenty of silver items for gift giving. Choose cufflinks for men and pendant for women. Make sure the items are personalized with the same image or message so that the couple matches.


Finally, the 50th anniversary is the one that many newlyweds hope to reach. The golden anniversary is the perfect time to give something gold, something new and shiny that resembles time-tested strength of old love. Square gold photo cufflinks with a photo of the couple's wedding day is an ideal gift.

View our entire catalog of personalised gifts. There are dozens of unique anniversary gift ideas that make shopping for a wedding anniversary fun and affordable.