Accessorise Your Tie With Eye-Catching Custom Tie Bars

The practicality and value custom tie bars can give are endless. Also known as custom tie clips, they help keep your necktie in place. They add an extra layer of flair to any outfit. Whether you're looking for custom dress shirt accessories or something formal like a tuxedo bowtie clip, custom tie bars are great for you.


In this article, discover how to accessorise your ties with eye-catching custom tie bars. So you can show a touch of personal style and sophistication to any of your outfits.

What are Custom Tie Bars?

A tie bar is a practical accessory, which keeps your necktie in place. Customised to the wearer's specifications and often matching their other formal wear accessories, these little whimsical touches are sure to add some style to any outfit. These can also be custom made or engraved with initials, logos or messages that show just how much thought went to picking the right custom tie bars for you.


It's important to customize your tie bars because they give any outfit the perfect final touch, making it stylish and sophisticated.


How to Accessorise Your Tie with Custom Tie Bars

There are many ways you can wear your custom tie bars. Here are some of them:


Look sharp

Using a custom tie bar is a great way to keep your tie in place. It's perfect for events where you want to look sharp like formal occasions and business events.


Look cool

If you want to make your outfit really stand out, use a tie bar with an unusual shape or texture like wood or metal and go for brighter colours in your ties so they pop against the material of your custom tie bars.


Break up uniformity

Unless you're in the MiB or the "Men in Black", a straight-up black suit can be boring sometimes. Spice it up with a custom tie bar. With its unique design, it's sure to bring out your personality.


Wear it under the knot

Feeling busy at work, or quite shaken up when you're travelling? Wearing a custom tie bar under the knot of your necktie helps add an extra layer of security. It makes sure your tie doesn't move around no matter how much you move. It's perfect if you need something light and simple to keep your tie in place. It's also perfect for windy days and occasions that involve vigorous dancing.


Stand out

There are many metals you can use for a custom tie bar. For example, you can choose silver, gold or platinum. It's all about what you're looking for, and how it complements your suit. Their lustre looks are sure to catch the attention of anyone you're talking to.


Make a statement

Customizing your tie bars doesn’t stop at just holding your tie in place. It's also a means to make a statement. For example, if you want to promote sustainability, you may want to use a wooden custom tie bar.


Choose a unique shape

You can choose a custom tie bar shape that's most suited for you. For example, if you are interested in an understated and classy look then perhaps you may want to go with something like the diamond-shaped custom tie bars. If you value boldness, you may want to go for geometric shapes. And if you like simplicity, you can accessorise your tie with a plain tie bar.


Pick its length

Tie bars come in both short and long length, so decide which one is best suited for your tie. If you're not sure, then try wearing your tie with the short-length custom tie bar first. If it's still too long or if you prefer a longer look, you can proceed to wear one that is of medium length.


Match it with your suit colour

If your suit is using warm colours, then you can go for tie bars that are in earthy hues. If your suit is using cool colours, then try going with sleek silver or gold custom ties clips instead.


Match it with your tie colour

The last thing that you want is a custom tie bar that can't be seen. And when does this happen? They happen when they blend with the colour of your tie. Therefore, if your tie is using dark colours, use a tie bar that is in a lighter tone. Vice versa, if your tie is using light colours, use one that has darker hues.


Match it with your tie's pattern

Some ties may be in a plain colour, but some ties come in fancy patterns. If you are wearing a tie with stripes or checks, try and match your custom ties clips to that pattern.


Match it with the occasion

It is always best to dress up for events such as dinner parties, weddings, work meetings and more. When dressing for these types of occasions wear something that matches well as a pocket square does.


What look are you going for?

There are three looks you could be aiming for such as modern, classic and vintage. If you're aiming for a more modern look, your custom tie bar should be simple and sleek. If you are aiming for a classic look, then your custom tie bar should be made of silver or gold with an elegant pattern on it such as stripes, checks or polka dots. For a more vintage feel go for something that has the appearance of being old fashioned such as iron-based bronze colouring.


Open up your suit

Now that you've mastered the art of custom tie bars, don't forget to open up your suit over the top buttoned. Show off your eye-catching custom tie bar in style!

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