Australian Cowboys And Their Belt Buckles

The phrase "cowboy or girl" has been so common in so many countries because of Hollywood. Here in land down under, they are called differently.  


Australians called their cowboys and girls as "Jackaroo" and "jillaroo," respectively. These are young men and women who work on either a sheep or cattle station to have experience and skills to manage their farm soon.


The word reportedly started in Queensland, Australia, in the 19th century. It is used throughout the continent to date. Its origins are still unknown, but it is rooted in the Australian culture and traditions. One part of this tradition is the cowboy's belt that they wear with honor and pride.


Any Aussie cowboy would always have a belt buckle as part of their overall outfit and the traditional hat and boots. The belt "ties" the entire "ranch look" together.


But for cowboy's around the world, custom made belts are not a simple part of an outfit. Belts are given for winning barrel racing, bull riding, team roping, tie down roping, and many other fun farm-related challenges.


Some ranchers also custom made the belts they wore, especially during special occasions, to quickly identify with their brand. There are only a handful of people who wore belts they won as accolades. Most are bought or given out as corporate belt buckles to identify their members with. Again, wearing a custom-made buckle is an old tradition dating back from the mid-1860s during the American Civil War. Several pieces of literature suggest that soldiers who fought during the war wore belts with buckles. From the soldiers, cowboys eventually started wearing them until they have kept it as a crucial part of their tradition and fashion.

There are numerous possible belt buckles that only a handful of skilled and trusted custom buckle makers can do. Apart from the traditional family brand and name etched on belts, it can also be made, inspired by an inanimate object like vehicles, an image of a mansion or house, a sport, or even ranch livestock. The possibilities are endless on the design of a custom-made belt buckle. One important aesthetic of a belt is how it looks. A better design can easily catch people’s attention and serve its purpose as a sign of success or a brand’s pride. Whatever the purpose of its creation, it should be visually appealing yet simple to understand by anyone. Tiesncuffs designs and produces these kinds of timeless pieces with precision and an acute sense of detail. Try them out!