Custom Embroidered Patch Stickers And Woven Patch Stickers: Ways to Use Them

Stickers are a great way to promote your brand and get people excited about your company. There are two types of stickers that you can use, custom embroidered patches or woven patches. We will discuss the differences between the two types and how they can be used for various purposes.


So, if you're a custom embroidered patch stickers enthusiast, or you're looking for more uses for your custom woven patch stickers, then I urge you to keep reading below.


Let's start!

What are custom patch stickers?

Custom patch stickers are a type of sticker that is made with a custom design. They have the ability to be placed on various types of items like notebooks, laptops and other items. They are often used in marketing campaigns as they can represent your brand when applied.


Now, let's discuss the two types of custom patch stickers.

Custom Embroidered Patch Stickers

Embroidery was invented in ancient times. It is a type of needlework where coloured threads are used to form patterns on fabric. People appreciated the bold, raised and textured characteristic of embroidered patches. That's why they didn't want to limit its use to just fabric. That's because there is no limit to self-expression.


Now, you can enjoy decorating any smooth surfaces with innovative custom embroidered patch stickers. Custom embroidered patch stickers work like paper stickers, but more durable and better in quality. They're prepared through embroidery but has adhesive to stick to any smooth surface. That way you can finally personalize your laptops, notebooks and other items.


Custom Woven Patch Stickers

But here's another alternative. Custom embroidered patches are prepared through weaving the design. They use thinner threads compared to embroidered patches and will result in finer details and text on the patch. Then, an adhesive is applied at the back of the patch. That way, you can apply it to any smooth surface you can think of.


Whether you choose custom embroidered patch stickers or custom woven patch stickers, it's entirely depending on your preferences. If you like a smoother finish with no raised texture, then custom woven patch stickers are definitely for you! Custom woven patch stickers are also recommended for those with more complex and detailed designs. That's because woven patches can give a cleaner finish to more complicated designs.

Where Should You Put Your Custom Patch Stickers?

There are endless ways you can use custom patch stickers, and unlimited places to put them! Here are just some of them.


You can put them on Sports and Gym Items!

Make your sports and gym items more personal with custom embroidered patch stickers. You can put them on scooter, skateboard, snowboard, bench press, bicycles and ends of weights. They're sure to make sports and gym time more personal.


If you love to travel, you can put them on your travel gears.

Put these amazing custom patch stickers on your cooler, lunchbox and passport cover. You can even put them on your travel mug, tent poles and water bottles! In fact, with custom woven patch stickers and custom embroidered patch stickers, you can make sure you don't miss your suitcase at the airport ever again.


Do you love music? Then, you'll love custom patch stickers.

You can design your speakers with custom patch stickers. You can even use patch designs of your favourite band's logo. You can also stick them on your drums, guitar case and stereo.


They're great for personal items.

Put them on your car windows, and express humour and style through these custom patch stickers. You can also put them on your car bumper and wheelchair. Got notebooks, laptops and other school and work items? You can decorate them too!


Decorate your room with it!

You can also put stickers on your door. That's great when you share a dorm with friends or living with many siblings. You can express your unique personality by sticking awesome custom patch stickers on your door and your study table.


Have a goal? They're great for vision boards!

Vision boards are great for people who want to visualize their goals. You can choose motivational designs for your custom patch stickers. Put them on your vision board and they will help you stay motivated in achieving your goals.


They're basically great for any furniture!

Custom embroider patch stickers and custom woven patch stickers are great for any furniture. Whether you want to personalize your coffee table, cabinets, nightstand, lamps, and mirror, custom patch stickers are the way to do it!


Benefits of using these custom patch stickers:

Custom Patch stickers like custom embroidered patch stickers and woven patch stickers offer many uses, practicalities and benefits. Here are some of them!


Custom patch stickers are great for promoting your brand.

  • Because you can customize what's written on them, custom patch stickers are great ways to promote your brand through the logo and brand promoting designs.

    They're great ways to promote personal style or express your personalities.

    • You can choose your favourite colours and graphics on these custom patch stickers. That makes them a great avenue for self-expression and personal style.

      They're great for attracting new friends with similar interest.

      • When you customize your patch stickers, you can feature the logo of your favourite band or your favourite show. You can easily catch the eyes of people with similar interests. These custom patch stickers are great conversation starters and building new friendships and acquaintances.


      There are many uses to custom patch stickers. Whether you're using custom embroidered patch stickers or custom woven stickers, you can enjoy a variety of benefits and practicalities as mentioned above.


      If you're ready to take advantage of custom patch stickers, send us a message now!