Custom Patch Lapel Pins: An Easier Way to Add Patches to Your Clothes

Custom patch lapel pins are a great way to add a patch to your clothing.  They are small and discreet, which means you can wear them with anything! Plus, they are really easy to design. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of custom patch lapel pins as well as how to design one for yourself!

What are Custom Patch Lapel Pins

Custom patch lapel pins are small pieces that you can wear on your clothes. They come in many different shapes and sizes and it's easy to find one that matches the look of your outfit or mood! They're also an easier way to add patches to your clothes. So if you're looking for an easy and stylish way to add patches to your clothes, then this might just be the one you're looking for.

Benefits of Custom Patch Lapel Pins

Here are some of the benefits of custom patch lapel pins. Read them below and take advantage of them today.


Custom patch lapel pins are affordable.


The price of custom patch lapel pins can range from $15.00AUD to $22AUD or more depending on the intricacy of the detail and design. You don't have to worry about breaking the bank when trying to attach custom patches with custom patch lapel pins.


Custom patch lapel pins can be made in many different shapes and sizes.


Do you have a wide set of preferences? Perhaps, you're gifting these custom patch lapel pins to someone special. The good news is, it's easy to design these custom patch lapel pins. They can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be square, circle or just any irregular shape. They can also be made to blend with the colours of your patches. That's the beauty of being customized.


Add custom patches without damage or bumps.


Are you tired of attaching custom patches on your clothes, only to damage them or cause bumps on the fabric? Custom patch lapel pins solve the problem!  These pins are discreet and they won't disturb the fabric of your clothes. Furthermore, custom patch lapel pins are easy to attach with a pin back or safety catch; it's quick!


They are easy to design and order online.


Are you worried if designing custom patch lapel pins are a hassle? When you order from companies like us, Ties ‘n’ Cuffs. It's easy.


All you need is to fill in our enquiry form, we'll call you back within 24 hours. Enjoy a complimentary artwork within another set of 24 hours and receive a finalised quote within the next day. And it's fast, order to production only take 2-4 weeks. It's a simple, effective and fast process.


A great match to your custom patches


If you're gifting yourself or someone custom patches, they might feel it's a hassle or plain difficult to sew them onto their clothes. They might never use it. To remedy this, just match your gift with custom patch lapel pins. They're cute. They're stylish. And they're an easy way to attach custom patches to your clothes.


Custom patch lapel pins are perfect for gatherings.


If you've got events like fundraising programs, clubs or organizations, it is important to identify yourselves or your team by name or by the group. If you distribute custom patches last minute, nobody will have the time or the resources to sew them on.


So a very easy fix for this is to distribute custom patch lapel pins along with your custom patches. That way, it's easier to attach them. And you'll have an effective way to identify your affiliations without sticker tags that easily fall off and leave clutter all around the event place.


They're great for business and promotional events.


Custom patches with your logo are great for building brand awareness. They're unique as well so people are more likely to appreciate and wear them. However, to make this work, you must make it easy for people to wear it. Let your team or employees wear these patches easily through custom patch lapel pins.


Distribute them during a business or promotional event. That way, people can easily know that your brand is attending. Another bonus is, they're going to love your custom patches and lapel pins that they could swarm your booth, or tell their friends all about it.


Will this be a personal business event for your own brand only? Then custom patches and custom patch lapel pins with your brand elements will be a perfect way to express what you're celebrating-- your business.


They're great additions to business giveaways


Custom patches are great giveaways. You can just add your brand logo and other brand elements and people will surely appreciate them. They can put these patches on their bags or on their clothes. 


However, do you know what's the number one barrier for execution? It's how difficult the task can be. If they find it a hassle to sew the patch on their clothes, they might never use it. Hence, add into the mix custom patch lapel pins, and you'll be surprised how quickly they'll wear your custom patches.


Enjoy removable custom patches with custom patch lapel pins.


Have you ever wished you can remove custom patches, transfer them to your day's outfit, and wear them every day? With custom patch lapel pins, you can!


All you need is to remove the lapel pin and the patch. Position them to your day’s cloth, and attach them again.


It's also perfect for organisational volunteer work where you need to identify your affiliation. You can wear any outfit for the day, and just put on your patch to specify your advocacy or organization.


Ready to grab custom patch lapel pins?


Here at Ties ‘N Cuffs, we make sure you get elegant and personalised custom patches, custom lapel pins or custom patch lapel pins. You can get yours by sending us a message today.