Essential Wedding Accessories for the Groom and His Party

For a man, his wedding day is one of the best moments he gets to experience in his life. True moments like this can only be experienced, for most of us, once in a lifetime. In connection, making this day the most perfect day is a herculean task. You have a lot of things to prepare for and a lot of things to worry about. But the most important thing that needs to be considered is the groom and groomsmen’s wedding outfit. Whether you want a traditional tux or a casual suit, how you look is a significant component of this very special day.


Even the tiniest details on your wedding outfit can alter your overall look. Most people do not give importance on the small details, but having a simple accessory attached on your wedding suit or tux will surely upgrade and improve your fashion style on your wedding day. Adding a simple accessory to your wedding suit adds a touch of elegance and provides a perfect representation of you. Regardless of your style, groom accessories are a perfect way to elevate your wedding attire without dipping too much on your wedding fund.


And this is where Ties ‘n Cuffs comes in. We at Ties ‘n Cuffs provide a collection of personalised groom accessories available at an affordable price. We know that the groom’s and his groomsmen’s wedding attires are just as important as the bride’s wedding dress. And that is why we offer essential wedding accessories for the groom and his party.


Of course, wearing a cool and stylish suit for your wedding day is very important. But the groom’s and groomsmen’s wedding accessory is where you can get to express your quirkiness and fun side that reflect who you are as a person without sacrificing how you look. With that in mind, here is a list of some essential wedding accessories for the groom and his party that will surely add a sense of style for you and your entourage:


Personalised Neckwear


Whether you prefer ties over bowties or bowties over ties, this piece of customised wedding accessory is becoming the embodiment of sophistication and style. Custom ties are a perfect fit for any wedding and occasion. Custom neck ties or custom bowties can represent you and your groomsmen’s bond. If you are looking for a traditional and customised finish for your wedding attire, personalised ties are the best way to show off your personality.


Here at Ties ‘n Cuffs, we have several options that you can choose from. With a huge range of colours, patterns and materials from our selection, you will surely find the right custom neck ties or custom bow ties that fit your style and your wedding theme perfectly.


Custom-Printed Pocket Squares


Most of us do not know what pocket squares are or what their purpose is. As a hindsight, pocket squares are a small piece of rectangular cloth that are worn on the breast pockets of suits or tuxes, providing a fashionable style that increases the visual appeal on someone who wears them. We can all think that a pocket square is a more sanitary alternative for a handkerchief. So if you want to add a bit of colour to your and your groomsmen’s wedding tuxes or suits, then custom pocket squares are the best way to go.


For all grooms and groomsmen, selecting the right custom-printed pocket squares can make all the difference. Custom-printed pocket squares can come in any colour or design that you want. Custom pocket squares are not only suitable for any wedding but it also makes this special day more memorable. Nowadays, custom pocket squares are having a comeback, leading to more grooms and groomsmen donning them on their wedding days.


So what are you waiting for? Express your creativity and add a pop of style and colour to your wedding suit with custom-printed pocket squares from Ties ‘n Cuffs.

Custom Tie Bars


Tie bars have a rich history. A tie bar, for those of us who are planning to get one but do not have an idea what is it for, is a small piece of accessory designed to secure a tie or cravat from swinging and ensuring that your piece of neckwear hangs straight, providing you with a neat and uniform appearance. So if you want to keep your tie in check and want to achieve a polished look during your wedding day, then investing in personalised tie bars from Ties ‘n Cuffs is always the right choice.


We have personalised tie bars in different colours, styles and designs, so you can have a vast array of selection to fit your wedding theme. Whatever your style of wedding is, whether it is traditional or a bit of contemporary, engraved tie bars will surely improve any ensemble that you wear or don. Let your personalised tie bar highlight the best in you on your wedding day.


Personalised Cufflinks


Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and unforgettable moment of your life. It is a day jampacked with memories and moments that will live on forever on wedding pictures and your family’s and friends’ minds. Your wedding day is the best way to showcase your quirkiness and personalities, and what better way to present them through your very own wedding cufflinks.


Custom cufflinks date back to the 17th century when people wanted to create something more elegant to hold their tuxes or suits. Personalised cufflinks have become a norm since then, providing grooms and groomsmen the elegance and sophistication on their wedding days or any other special occasion.


With cufflinks worn repeatedly and not just on wedding days, owning a high-quality pair of custom cufflinks is a must. Wedding cufflinks, or any personalised cufflinks for instance, should be well made, and great attention to details must be given in order to achieve that elegance custom cufflinks only offer. If you are looking to have a pair of weddings cufflinks for you and your groomsmen, then Ties ‘n Cuffs offers the best selection in town.


Custom Lapel Pins


To those who do not know what lapel pins are for, here is a quick overview of its history and what they are used for. An enamel lapel pin is attached on your clothing, often on jacket lapels, and its main purpose is for aesthetics. To put it in simpler terms, custom lapel pins are there to provide your suits, your tuxes or any type of clothing with a decorative and elegant look.


If you want to add a new level of detail on your wedding attire and make your wedding day a little more special, then you cannot go wrong with personalized lapel pins. Custom enamel pins can feature any details that you want.


If you want to express your personality on those custom lapel pins on your wedding day, then level up your wedding attire with this affordable and simple piece of accessory. Personalized lapel pins or custom enamel pins can come in different styles and shapes, so you have a lot of choices to fit your wedding color scheme.


Now that we have listed some of the essential wedding accessories needed by a groom and his party, then it is time to look for a provider that has the experience and provides the best quality of work. This is where Ties ‘n Cuffs comes in. Ties ‘n Cuffs is the leading supplier of personalised products at an affordable price. We have the experience and skills to provide top-quality services and products that get the best value for your money.


Browse through our collection of personalised products, such as custom lapel pins, personalised cufflinks, custom tie bars, personalised neckwear or custom-printed pocket squares, now and elevate the level of elegance and sophistication your wedding already has.