4 Factors to Consider When Designing Custom Made Patches

Custom made patches serve many uses – from being bold displays of brand logos on company uniforms, being accessories to elevate basic tees and jackets, to being fun and unique keepsakes of your favorite travel destination or cartoon character. It’s always exciting to get new custom patches to be added to your collection. But the fun part is not only limited to when you actually have them, but when you’re actually staring to make them. Designing your own custom embroidered patch is really simple, easy, and yes – fun. In this blog post, we share some factors that you need to consider when designing your custom made patch to make your experience a breeze.



The first thing that you need to consider is your actual design. How do you want your custom patch to look like? What should it represent? Will it be your current interest – favorite Hollywood star, favorite food, favorite quote? You can simply doodle out everything you have in mind with all its specific details like colors.



When creating custom embroidered patches, the size will definitely matter. Small patches are used for smaller items like caps and pockets. Jackets and t-shirts usually use bigger patches. Depending on what item your custom patch will be sewed or ironed on, you need to think about the appropriate size of your patch.



There are actually several types of custom made patches that you can choose from, and each of them has different purposes and uses. You can learn more about the types of patches here.


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The final factor you need to consider in order to have high quality, well-made custom patches is an excellent patch maker that will let you have all the freedom in designing your patches with unlimited revisions, and will provide you with the best options and advises for your custom patch. 

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