Check Out Our Fabric Products

Over the years our product range has grown immensely that it’s easy to get lost in browsing through our page. From corporate branding products, to personal gifts and customized items, we have plenty to offer that you can simply get everything you need for your office, home, and wardrobe essentials.

In this post, we feature our fabric products to give you hindsight of what we have, in case what you’re looking for is under this category:



The most obvious one in our list would be the one that holds our brand name – ties (we are after all Tiesncuffs!) We do have a wide selection of ties to choose from, from skinny ties to tailored ones to custom corporate ties. Our ties are stock are ready for you to pick, while our custom ties can easily be designed with your brand logo and other preferences such as color and fabric, and are perfect for corporate events, clubs and organizations, and school uniforms.



If you find that there’s something missing in your suit-and-tie look, in most cases, you might be needing a good pocket square to finally finish off your outfit. Choose your material and create the custom pocket square that suits your style. With choices including polyester, satin, and silk, all in a range of colors and patterns, you’re certain to find the right pocket square to complete your fashionable look.



If you’re after a more casual and less formal look, you can opt to choose from our wide range of bow ties in a huge variety of patterns, strips, and solids. Bow ties are a perfect wardrobe staple as they can be worn in formal events with your suit and tie, or with casual parties with a polo shirt and loafers for that boy-next-door look.



These days, you don’t have to know anything about football to wear a footy scarf. Whether you’re a football player or an avid fan of the game, or someone who simply wants to jump into the trend of strutting one, we can help you create the footy scarves that you desire. There’s nothing like a stylish piece of clothing that keeps you warm, cozy, and still stylish.



A scarf can easily make you look extra fashionable and stylish, that’s why we’ve included custom scarves to our selection. Whether you want bold and striking colors that help you stand out, our plain neutral colors to compliment your look, our well-produced scarves will surely help you achieve what you’re looking for. You can also customise it with your company logo, color, and material (satin, chiffon, polyester, silk).



If you’re thinking of fully promoting your brand, then custom socks might just be the missing piece to your company uniform. As with our other custom items, you can save heaps when you order custom socks in bulk. Simply send us your company logo and other preferences and we’ll work to send you the custom socks in no time.

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