Fun Facts About Flask Sets

Flasks have been the rage ever since the olden days. With their capacity to store a variety of fluids like liquor and water, flasks became a remarkable bearer of convenience and fashion to both ancient and modern times.


The contemporary period exhibited debonair gentlemen carrying with them hip flasks that embody not only practicality but also fashion that go along with special events. They’re cool, aesthetic, and truly sophisticated when used at the right place and at the right time.


Back then, flasks were merely molded and based on animal parts. Later on, glasses and metals were used, until they upgraded to the quality that lives up to their prominence now.


This personal carrier of liquid exclusively radiates a different kind of elegance that men and women of all ages would always flock to get their hands on.


Yet with its indisputable influence, custom flasks remain the most coveted item set that people would prefer to have.


It’s no joke that custom flasks are simply perfect for any occasion. Whether you give it as a present during weddings, 21st birthdays, etc., custom flasks never fail.


To know more about this magnificent product, check out the FACTS from the most commonly asked questions about flasks.


Why is it called a flask?

The word “flask” is derived from a medieval Latin word, “flasco,” which means container or bottle. This dated back from the mid-1300s to the mid-1500s where flasks have slowly evolved.


However, its shape and form were far from the flask that we know and love today.


You see, flasks were once fashioned to an animal’s bladder. This makes it easier to carry around as they mimic the shape of our waist.


In the past, flasks were mostly used by soldiers as a medium to store gun powder since their narrow spouts were found to be convenient for such.


Yet, they soon discovered that flasks can be utilised in another way, and that is to use them as storage for liquor.


Not too long, soldiers and crafty civilians joined the trend and since then, the use of flasks rose to fame.


How many shots are in a flask?

Secretly imbibing a shot or two of our favorite liquor is exhilarating. After all, there’s nothing wrong with doing it at your favorite ball game or in the middle of camping.


Needless to say, knowing the size of your flask will help you determine what to purchase according to your liking.


This information will help you find the right flask depending on the duration and the number of shots you plan on sipping.


Here is a breakdown of sized flasks and their shot count.

  • 4oz flask = 4 shots
  • 6oz flask = 6 shots (most common)
  • 8oz flask = 8 shots

    To ensure a quality product, inform the shop and request your desired size. In addition, you can even have it personally customised!


    Are flasks for an alcoholic?

    While the primary purpose of flasks is to carry your favorite alcoholic beverage when going to places you think would need a kick of hard liquor, it doesn’t necessarily limit to alcohol itself.


    Flasks can be used for your various favorite beverages.


    However, keep in mind that flasks are mostly metal-based, so you’ll have to be careful about your choice of fluid.


    As much as possible, avoid carbonated beverages including beers, ciders, and wine coolers, wine and champagne, cream liqueurs such as Baileys or Dooley’s, and citrus liqueurs such as hard lemonades.


    Instead go for undiluted spirits such as whiskey, vodka, rum, or scotch.


    The reason why you have to be reminded of these precautions is that flasks are corrosive and can thereby easily pick on metallic tastes.


    What is the purpose of Flasks?

    The main purpose of flasks is to allow individuals to conveniently bring their preferred fluid (liquor) anywhere at any time of the day.


    It’s not limited to black-tie events. Flasks are designed to grant you exclusive access to that special drink that is normally stored away at home.


    Many people, women, and men alike tend to have one or two, either for personal use or to share the booze with friends and close ones.


    This adds excitement and a lively connection to your social circle.


    Moreover, it’s also a perfect present for weddings and adult birthdays.


    Why go for Custom Flasks?

    Plain flasks are boring.


    Customised flasks are now the mainstream in this digital age.


    If you are someone who likes to discreetly carry around drinks or share the contents of flasks with your colleagues, having personalised flasks that scream your identity is the perfect way to show how cool and invigorating it is to own one.


    Custom flask entails a part of you. It fuses with your personality. Its style shows off your preferences and the kind of person you are.


    Most of all, anything customised is utterly special and unique in a way. It sets you apart from people and marks your one-of-a-kind individuality.



    Where can I buy Flask Sets?

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