Handkerchiefs VS Pocket Squares

The terms “handkerchief” and “pocket square” are often used interchangeably. It’s a common mistake as these two custom made accessories are similar in appearance and function. Some also say that they are interchangeable to a certain degree. It is agreeable that they are, but in the end, there is most definitely a difference that can be pointed out between these two.

The biggest difference would be the function of these two custom made accessories. Handkerchiefs are more common, and this is because of their function for daily use. It is a handy item for blowing your nose or wiping out small stains. Instead of carrying rolls of tissues and eventually running out, handkerchiefs are more handy and can last throughout the day. Pocket squares, on the other hand, are more decorative than functional. They have a similar function with ties - to look smarter in your formal suit - but is a more thorough choice which may say something about the effort you put into your attire.


With handkerchiefs being used primarily for their function, it doesn’t matter how they look like. Handkerchiefs have always been square in size and may come in all kinds of colors, textures, and sizes. As for pocket squares, their decorative function calls for more specific details in style and design. First, it is ideal for them to be equal in width and length as the name suggests. As for the texture, a silk pocket square is preferred to show more volume as it sits in your pocket with cotton preferred next for those who want something smaller and less bulky. Custom pocket squares are common as they give you the freedom to come up with a design for your accessory that will best complement the rest of your outfit.

Lastly, handkerchiefs can be kept for daily use while pocket squares are a perfect addition to your formal attire. The former can be placed wherever, whether in your front or back pockets, in your purse, or even in your hand if you prefer to hold on to it at all times. Pocket squares always in the breast pocket of your jacket or suit where they can be easily seen to add flair to your attire. 

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