How To Choose Cufflinks

The key to donning an outfit elegantly is by mixing and matching elements well, such as the shirt, pants, jacket, tie, belt, shoes, cufflinks, watch, etc. In rocking cufflinks well, occasion, colour and preference should always be considered.


1. Purpose / Occasion:

Be it a formal or informal occasions, cufflinks can be worn.  Formal occasions call for muted colors to bring out elegance; silver, black and blue cufflinks would go well especially when studded with small crystals. On the other hand, informal occasions call for up loud colors and unique designs to catch attention and start a conversation.

Style Tips: When wearing a black Tie, Black Laser Cufflinks, Red Bling Cufflinks and Classic Knot Cufflinks would rock a striking look.

2. Colour:

The colour of your cufflinks should be identical to that of your shirt. Silver, white, black and blue are the safest colours to match your outfit. When you give  a present to someone, always choose the safe colours and classic designs of pure silver, or black and silver with crystals.

If you are the stylish and adventurous one, wearing red and pink cufflinks wouldn’t hurt, especially if you pair it with a suitable tie and shirt.

When in doubt on what cufflink to wear, the Hourglass White Cufflinks should be an instant choice.

Note: Matching your cufflinks to your shirt should go according to shade, proximity of colour and complementary colours.


3.Interest / Preference:

Cufflinks comes in different arrays, hence when choosing a present for someone always consider their interest. If the person is an outdoorsy type, try getting the individual a sporty cufflinks. Or if the person is a superhero fanatic opt to buy superhero-themed cufflinks. If you can’t decide from any of the cufflinks, go for customized cufflinks.

So why not give it a shot to your dressing, and make yourself look more great?