How To Organize Your Custom Keyrings

Do you have a big collection of custom keyrings at home? Are you worried about losing your keys from misplacing your keyrings? Do you need ideas on how to store your keys? Organizing keyrings is necessary as they can hold valuable things such as keys to your car or home. You may also be an avid collector who just enjoys collecting these accessories and are looking for creative ways to store them. Here are some ways to store and organize your custom made keyrings.


One of the most common ways to keep your keyrings in hand is by simply attaching them to your hand bag zipper, or keeping them in one of your purses. This way, they are kept close to your valuables and you can easily remember where they are when they are needed. 


This way of storing your custom keyrings is best for keyrings holding your important tools and keys. Keys to your car, home, and safe, and functional tools such as bottle openers should be easily seen accessible. Chosen the wooden type to easily mount it to your wall at home.


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The shadow box is a display case type of storage often used by collectors. This is also used for other collections of tiny accessories such as buttons and pins. A shadow box can be made DIY-style at home, leaving room for customization.


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A wire rack can be seen in stores selling keyrings and other accessories, but you can also use a smaller version at home to organize your custom made keyrings. These are lightweight, with different variations, easy to display, and can hold multiple keyrings at once. 

Never worry about losing any of your keyrings again with these simple ideas for keyring storage. If you would like to add more to your custom keyring collection or are in need of custom made keyrings for events and promotional purposes, send us your designs and we'll bring your ideas to life!