Innovative Custom Made Activewear: More Than Just Sports and Fashion

Custom made activewear has always been a niche industry for the professional sporting world, and outside of that, demand came from people who were either fitness freaks or frequent gym goers. Over the past ten years, various trends have changed, but the last two years have seen a significant uptick in the demand for custom made activewear. Comfortable custom activewear shirts, pants, and tracksuits experienced a rapid increase in demand as working from home became mandatory and exercising at home became the sole choice because of the pandemic. The demand for custom made activewear rose quickly as younger consumers preferred to seem sporty and wear comfortable clothing in practically all contexts. This resulted in fashion-forward sportswear, athleisure, or custom made activewear being produced by both sportswear firms and fashion brands, often collaboratively, for this age range. Despite past few years’ difficulties in the fashion sector, it appears that custom made activewear and athleisure brands have never been more successful. Leggings, sweatpants, and loungewear have fast evolved into essential components of our professional wardrobes as the majority of business meetings now take place at home in front of a notepad.



On the surface, it could appear that the only people who buys custom made activewear are athletes, basketball players, gym attendees, and sports lovers. Although they are all the first audiences that come to mind, the truth is that not everyone in your audience needs to be active or even interested in sports to purchase custom made activewear and athleisure items. Both millennials in their 30s and, especially, Gen-Zers agree with the last assertion. The definition of "sports" for these two generations is very different from what it was for their biological parents.


Sports are now more part of self-care and self-improvement tool rather than a competitive outlet for Generation Z. It's all about improving oneself, developing mindfulness, and emphasizing well-being-centered style, and the majority of those processes take place indoors. Additionally, they frequently follow social media influencers, musicians, and other people to guide their decisions. Generation Z aren’t all for tranquility though they can give you some sick flips while wearing their custom made activewear. On the other hand, millennials grew up listening to music that was aggressively anti-establishment, such as skateboarding, grunge, surf culture, emo songs and punk rock. They also preferred a Do-It-Yourself, virtually carefree lifestyle. All that underground street and custom made activewear legacy is, of course, now making its way into the mainstream - just look at Supreme - as they ascend to become the new buying power.


One of the main reasons for custom made activewear success is the comfort it offers to active wearers. Customers find it more appealing because it serves several functions and may be worn for both a leisurely and strenuous workout as well as a casual outing. Demand for custom made activewear clothing has increased as a result of further advancements like making it waterproof, more breathable, and lighter. Furthermore, athleisure gear is now produced at a higher rate by clothing companies thanks to the use of new materials and technologies that make them more stretchable, sweat-wicking, odor-resistant, and dirt-resistant.


Custom made activewear is a 4-in-1 clothing. It can be a workwear, streetwear, and travel wear. Workwear, for custom made activewear promotes comfort and style. As consumers look for seamless transitions from work to the gym to other activities, the idea of being both comfortable and fashionable is naturally spreading into work attire. At-home working is gradually becoming the norm, and with it, a more permissive attitude toward workwear, thanks to the advent of the gig economy and flexible work life, custom made activewear had been in and it is made possible by the rise of the internet.  Streetwear, for custom made activewear has an impact on ideas of luxury and cultural identity. The concept of "luxury" has become illusive when graphic T-shirts start to cost more than leather jackets. Streetwear is nothing new, but because we live in the Instagram-centric image-centric era, it looks that this subculture is only now having its heyday. The flamboyant style of custom made activewear enables the movement to generate buzz on social media. And as more and more young consumers start to value originality over workmanship, they tend to have custom printed activewear and the demand for conventional luxury is going out the window. Travel wear, for custom made activewear encourages fitness on-the-go. In order to facilitate working out while traveling, custom made activewear is also expanding into the travel sector. Activewear rental programs, hotel partnerships, and mobile personal training are all experiencing explosive growth. Although this is not a novel idea, similar programs are now being implemented in airports and other locations where people travel. Similar services could start to be provided by airlines to promote traveler comfort and wellness.


Given how widely custom made activewear has gone and how widespread it has become, calling activewear a trend at this point almost seems ridiculous. Particularly when people start incorporating activewear apparel into outfits that are otherwise more focused on fashion than lounging, athleisure is becoming more acceptable in a variety of situations, with some companies adopting the trend in the workplace. The way we live our lives now is smoother and more transitional than ever, from waking up to working out to working and calming down. The lines between right and wrong are thinning, and the companies who accept and adopt these constantly on the move contemporary lifestyle signals will be the ones to benefit from the strong custom made activewear market's ongoing growing momentum.