Personalised Wedding Accessories For Your Intimate Wedding

Are you getting married and in need of some personalised wedding accessories? If so, then this post about custom wedding pieces is for you! I am going to talk about what it means to wear personalised wedding accessories, why it's important, the benefits of wearing them and the different options that are available. Personalised wedding accessories will make your look complete on your special day and they can also be a great gift idea for family members.

Personalised Wedding Accessories

Wearing personalised wedding accessories is a great way to express your personality on your special day. Wedding attire can often feel quite restricted and personalised pieces will allow you to let loose with the look that's perfect for you.

Why Wear Personalised Wedding Accessories?

The benefits of wearing personalised wedding accessories are many! They include the following:


Make your wedding day unique and memorable

You can't have a special wedding when things are all monotone and standard. With personalised pieces, you can make your look stand out and feel unique to the occasion - so everyone will remember it!


Create a gift for loved ones

Personalised jewellery is often something that we want our family members to wear on our wedding day. It can turn your wedding day into something that will be treasured for many years to come.


Memento for this special day

Wearing your partner's initials with a wedding band is a great way to remember the day. Your personalised cufflinks and tie bars will be something you'll keep close by as well.


Types of Personalised Wedding Accessories

So you want to look rather elegant or dashing on your wedding day, then personalised wedding accessories can do just that. Receive compliments from guests about how personalised pieces suit you beautifully.

But if you're wondering which accessories you should use, then here are some ideas that might help.


For the men:

Personalised Cufflinks

Cufflinks are a great way to make sure you look your best on the big day. You can personalise your cufflinks in many ways. One, you can opt for cufflinks with your names on them which will be a lovely reminder of the day. You can also get them in different colours and sizes, so you'll have something to match all your outfits.


Personalised Tie Bars

Want to make sure your necktie stays neat throughout the ceremony? Custom tie bars can help. It's another accessory that will help bring out your personality and is also an easy fix for any wardrobe malfunctions- it's like insurance!


Bow tie

A bow tie is a perfect way to make your wedding day a little more formal. It's also an easy touch that you can wear throughout the whole event and it doesn't require much effort on your part at all. Here's a tip. Look for bow ties with small patterns or delicate details; they're often easier to match with other clothing compared to boulder bow ties.


Custom necktie

If you're not particularly fond of bow ties, don't worry! You can always opt for a custom tie, which is especially perfect if you're looking to make a statement. You can customize ties by going for a bold pattern, or even by choosing a tie that has your initials on it!


Groom's boutonniere

The groom doesn't need to be the only one wearing a corsage; he also needs his own something special- like this gorgeous and delicate orchid boutonniere. It can make you look a little more refined, and it's something that can match a variety of outfits.


Pocket square

Your pocket square should be customized to complement the colour of your suit. If you're wearing a darker suit, go for something with lighter colours. If you're going for a lighter suit, then go for a darker pocket square.


For the ladies:

A custom bracelet

Put your personal style on display with a subtle and simple bracelet that matches. You can also wear something bolder, like wire or beaded bracelets made from precious metals if you're looking to shine in the spotlight. Either way, a custom bracelet can help show off your individualism and will make for a beautiful accessory!


A beautiful headpiece

A headpiece can be a veil, a flower, a crown or a tiara. A personalised headpiece is something to complete your look for the day. Whatever you choose from this range of options is sure to make you feel like royalty as it's something just for you on such an important day.


Customised earring

Are you looking for something simple and elegant? Then studs will be your best friend at the moment. Customize them by choosing from a range of precious metals to get the perfect look for your day.



The perk of customizing your necklace is that you can choose any charm to represent your personal style and taste. Make it unique or create a symbol that represents your journey up until now - no one will have the same necklace as you!


Elegant bride's shoes

The perfect finishing touch to your wedding day look is the shoes. Choose from a range of styles and colours. Customize them to match the concept of your wedding.


For both:

Wedding rings

Some people make their wedding rings special by using those that have been passed down from family members. But if you don't have that, then getting customized wedding rings is the way to go.


Because a wedding ring is a symbol of your love for your partner, the design should feel personal to both of you. One way to do this is to engrave a message or date on the ring.


Ready to grab your personalised wedding accessories?


With these elegant accessories, you and your spouse-to-be are surely going to remember this special day. Visit our page, and grab your personalised cufflinks, personalised tie bars and bow ties today.