Pimp Your Pins With Custom Cardstocks

We all know by now that custom lapel pins are perfect promotional products for one’s business, are perfect as gifts to our loved ones, and are great collection items. To make your custom pins more presentable and appear more valuable, placing each pin on a custom cardstock is an easy way to achieve this. It is one way to clearly convey and portray what your pin is all about.



A custom cardstock can be a big factor in presenting your custom promotional pins, especially to businesses and brands. It can help you gain awareness and attention your company needs, and will show your custom pins off a lot nicer with a higher sense of value. Brands can use this strategy to add details or a message to the clients and customers about their company, product, or service. You can place your brand’s motto, contact numbers, address and other relevant details to increase your target sales and to help clients reach you immediately.  An explanation about the value or design of the pin itself which makes the promotional item more interesting and valuable is another option you can add on your custom cardstock.



If you plan on appreciating and awarding your staff or team, custom lapel pins with a custom cardstock are perfect items to show gratitude to your employees who have worked hard and stayed loyal to the company over the years. A custom service lapel pin with your company logo would be enough, matched with a custom cardstock with a simple message to your team saying “Thank you for your hard work and exceptional service to the company”. This will surely enforce good camaraderie among your team and will motivate your employees to continue their dedication and loyalty.


For pin sellers, it is always best to add a custom cardstock with your own-designed pins to attract more buyers. A cardstock will always make your pins look a lot better. People will also believe that they are getting more value because of the packaging that they get with the lapel pins.

We can create custom lapel pins with custom cardstocks in any design, color, and shape. Hit us up now for the perfect presentation and packaging for your custom promotional items!