Reasons You Need Custom Coasters For Your Brand

Coasters are a great gift idea for anyone who loves their hot beverages. It is very easy to make so you can make it more suit to your personal style. Custom coasters are highly on demand right now. With the younger generation more indulge on coffees and teas, custom coasters are a very good and cost-effective way to promote your brand. If you’re a restaurant owner, coffee or bar shop owners, coasters are the best investment for you today.




From your favourite clubs to your own office, even on your table at your home, coasters are everywhere. The best attention seeker out of everything you put into your interior design, coasters provides additional splash of colour on your table. Keeping the drink away from splashing across the table, custom coasters promote your business every time it is laid on the table. Choosing the best company to provide you the best quality of custom coasters is crucial for promoting your business effectively. You need to seek a company that has good reputation with the customers since their years of service. You also need to seek for a company that uses top-quality products and provides the highest quality of service. Choosing the best company to represent your business is the make or break for your company.




You may not own a coffee shop or a pub but that doesn’t mean you can’t personalized coaster. Do you have a favourite plant? Are you a Game of Thrones fanatic? Everything you imagine is very much achievable with us here in ties and cuffs. A personalized coaster makes your drink tastier than ever!



Dreaming of owning your own coffee shop and looking for ways to make your business more known? What is better advertisement than selling or simply giving custom logo coasters. Cheap yet effective. With your logo design and our quality service, you will surely have the best custom logo coasters in your area.



Although small, coasters are definitely eye-candy in restaurants, resorts, pubs and the like. But how can a small item provide promotional exposure? Is it a good investment for a starting company? A lot of people think it is a weak promotional move but with the right take on custom coasters, positive impact would be evident. They are the perfect mini advertisement that can be spread easily and increase brand awareness and not to mention, if well managed, this can upscale your brand.



Depending on the material used, making a custom coaster is very affordable. It can either be made of wood, plastic, glass or even leather. You only need to pay for the materials used, the design method and the service. You don’t need to pay for other fees. Investing in this product is a good long time investment that will surely contribute to the growth of the company.



Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to custom coasters. You are your own designer when it comes to custom products. You choose your own shape, colour schemes, materials used, logo and design, etc. You can even include crucial information such as contact details, location the brand logo and motto. This is showcasing your brand better. You can also include quotes or personalised messages, the best gift you can give. Customers can also add their own flare on your already custom coaster to make the customer feel more special and will leave a good impression on your brand and store. Most of all, this will make you and your business more memorable and entice customers to return.



It is more of the aesthetics these days. The more aesthetically pleasing the product, the more it generates sale towards you and your company. It is very easy on the eyes especially if one is fond of relaxing and staying relaxed throughout the experience of drinking his or her favourite beverage.


Coasters are made because many people like to put their drinks on their dining room tables, coffee tables or side tables or anywhere were placing a drink is within reach. The purpose of a coaster is to prevent condensation on cold glasses or heat from hot ones from marring the table beneath it but today, it also serves as a decorative role as well. If you are looking for a coaster, always keep in mind that certain materials are more effective than others at absorbing condensation and heat than others. For instance, some materials will actually absorb the liquid like fabric coasters whereas coasters made of stone water will simply pool up on the bottom.


Here are Ties N Cuffs, we provide the best quality of service when it comes to anything custom. We only use the best of the best materials for our products. Quality of service with quality materials along with your own personal style results in the best custom product which will create big opportunities and fortune for your company.