If you’re looking for unique gifts for your loved ones, or a little special token for your employees or team, or simply a new accessory to spice up your everyday uniform, we suggest you check out our Personalised Engraved products. We are offering a good discount of 20%, so hurry and start shopping these items!



Personalised Keyrings


One of our best sellers are our Personalised Engraved Keyrings. You can have your initials, name, or a sweet message engraved on to the keyrings and simply turn them into thoughtful special gifts for anyone dear to your heart. Our engraved personalised keyrings are made with high quality premium brass plated in rhodium. We allow you to choose the font type and size, so you can have it exactly as you want it.


Personalised Tie Bar


Our Engraved Tie Bar collection will help you elevate your simple suit-and-tie look. A tie bar is not only a functional item that holds your tie in place, but it is also a great accessory that adds sophistication and class to your whole look.


Personalised Cufflinks


Our Personalised Cufflinks have been a popular order for weddings and other formal events. Get personalised cufflinks for your groomsmen and have their pairs engraved with their initials, or get a pair for your dad for his birthday.


Personalised Lapel Pins


Our Personalised Lapel Pins are classic pieces of accessory suited for many different occasions – as uniform pins for your groomsmen on your wedding, as an accessory accent to your corporate meetings, as a classic piece of jewelry for formal suit-and-tie parties, and as an addition to your everyday uniform look. If you want simple yet elegant lapel pins that are just subtle but will surely add some class, then these plain engraved lapel pins will come handy to you.


Personalised Money Clips


If you’re looking for a unique gift for your boss or colleague, then our Engraved Money Clips might come handy to you. Money clips are not only practical and functional items to clip and keep your cash in place, but they’re also perfect as special gifts, keepsakes, and mementos that you can treasure forever.



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