Spice Up Your Outfit With Colorful Ties

When shopping for clothes, especially suits and blazers, we would always go for the classic colors and neutrals to be safe. We then pair them with the same neutral ties or bow ties to match. But if you're looking to leveling up your normal suit-and-tie game, the easiest way to do that is going bold with colored ties that will make a statement. This method instantly spices up your whole look and make heads turn, but in a subtle way still. 

In this post, we show you some of our colorful ties that you can snag and wear in special occasions, or even on normal days. Thankfully, Ties N' Cuffs is still giving a 15% discount for in-stock and personalised items so it's the perfect time to shop!


Red is always a popping color, and can match with almost any colored suit such as black, brown, and burgundy, or maroon. This Skinny Red and Black Striped Tie will instantly elevate your business look and will help you look more sophisticated.

This Purple and Sky Skinny Tie is perfect to match with grey suits and blazers. The combination of the two colors perfectly pair up with each other and subtly shows color in your whole look, making it less neutral and plain.

If you want a more brightly colored detail unto your look, this Orange Polyester Striped Tie might be your best bet. Small orange details will brighten up your look.

If you prefer plain ties, elevate your neutral ones with a better color like this blue green silk tie that is not just perfect during weddings, but also for special occasions like birthdays, company events, special dinners, etc.


One of the popular colors that men love is green, so this Green Polyester Striped Tie can become your go-to when you want to spice up your outfit and inject more color. It can be matched perfectly with a black or grey suit. 

Grab any of these items at Ties N' Cuffs and don't forget to enter ENJOY15 at checkout to get a 15% discount! To check out more of our ties, simply head here. Happy shopping!