Taking Care of Your Custom Lapel Pins

It is important to keep our things clean and well-taken cared of always. Custom lapel pins are no exception. In order to avoid tarnishing, they need some TLC and a few maintenance procedures in order to keep their brand new look. Here are a few tips in taking care of your custom lapel pins.


  • To start off, always remove the clutch or back pin of your pins for easy cleaning. Do so carefully so as not to hurt your fingers. Also, make you sure you don’t drop or lose the clutch.


  • If you notice your hard enamel pins tarnishing over time, do not fret. It is completely normal for some metal accessories to tarnish over time. Some types of metals tarnish faster than other metals. Whichever metal you have, there is a simple remedy to save your pins. Use a jewelry polishing cloth and jewelry polishing agent to clean them. You can easily find these materials in jewelry stores. Gently wipe the cloth with the jewelry solution to your pin until it becomes shy again. However, do note that you can only use these jewelry agents to hard enamel pins.



  • For soft enamel pins, simply use a cleaning cloth. Do not use jewelry polishing agents as these will easily damage the delicate outer layers of soft enamel pins.


  • Always test out your cleaning agents onto a small part of your pin, preferably at the back part that cannot be seen. Some agents may be too harsh on your pin, so make sure to check and test out the solution.


  • Be gentle when wiping or rubbing your custom lapel pins. Do not enforce too much friction as this can damage your pins.


  • Do not use polishing machines, household cleaners, and vinegar solution in cleaning your pins. These chemicals are very harsh and can damage the other layers of your metal pins.


If you need more lapel pins for your collection, brand, organization, or special event, we have a wide selection of lapel pins. Whether you need a simple personalization or a full customization, we can help you create the best custom lapel pin that suits your needs. Contact us to get started!

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