The 3 Types of Patches by Ties N' Cuffs

Embroidery is the most common way to decorate any type of clothing with any shape, design, and text. One popular method is embroidery itself, which uses solid colors to achieve a design. However, over the years, with the help of technology, other methods have come into play and have become popularly known for achieving more detailed patches.


Many of you aren’t sure of which method to go for, or insist in a certain type of method which is inappropriate for the design given. In this post, we give you some descriptions for the 3 types of patches we offer: embroidery, woven, and sublimation.




  • The most popular method which uses solid colors only
  • Textured patch with real embroidery
  • Designs with tiny details cannot be embroidered
  • Usually requires vector or digitalized designs. The original design may have to be altered to eliminate very fine and intricate details
  • Text size for embroidery should be at least 4mm





  • Capable of producing finely detailed multi-colored emblems
  • Has a smooth surface; flatter than embroidery
  • made of thread only, and stitched with continuous design to achieve finer detail in the design and text of the patch
  • Detailed designs that are smaller than 6cm are recommended to be woven





  • Printed with as much detail as necessary
  • Creates photo realistic, durable images
  • Can handle intricate designs, gradients, and fades
  • Gives you the widest range of colors, so is usually recommended when you have a very specific color background


We hope this has given you a clear idea on which patch type suits your design and concept. No matter which type you’re interested in, Ties N’ Cuffs can help you create the perfect patch for any purpose and occasion. Simply contact us with your brief and our sales team will get back to you in an instant.