The Different Uses of Custom Challenge Coins

Custom Challenge coins have become extremely popular these days. Many organizations turn to customized coin suppliers for their special events and occasions. Some of us may think that a challenge coin is just another form of promotional item. There is actually a deeper history with these coins.

Typically, challenge coins feature an organizations symbol or sign and are carried by their members or teammates. These coins are used to show membership and unity. During the World War 2, challenge coins were used to identify members of a certain group of army. They used these coins as passes to certain gatherings and meetings. If someone cannot show their challenge coin, he or she cannot pass through and join their gathering.

Today, custom challenge coins still hold the same purpose. Because if their increasing popularity, these coins now hold many purposes. Here are the different uses of custom challenge coins today.


Back then, organizations and even the military use challenge coins to show membership of certain unit, group, or a specific duty. And only elite groups use these coins. But nowadays, any business, team, or group uses custom challenge coins to show membership.


Challenge coins also signify loyalty. These coins show that members will continue to be connected to each other even when some members leave. In the military, challenge coins hold so much value because they display the missions they have been on. Some coins were also used to award members who did heroic efforts. Up to this day, militaries still hold this special tradition.


Just like other promotional items, like lapel pins and keyrings, custom challenge coins are now popularly used to market products and promote one’s brand. Since they are easily customizable, getting a customized coin is no challenge nowadays. With a simple submission of a company’s logo, one can have challenge coins ready to be given away to clients and customers.


 It is important to thank your employees and team for their long hours of hardwork and sacrifice. Many businesses turn to invest in custom challenge coins to award their staff for a job well done. These coins may not be worn, but they definitely hold more meaning and value that your employees will appreciate.


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