The Perfect Custom Gifts For Your Loved Ones

It's already September, which means that the holidays are fast approaching. Before you know it, the gift-giving season has already come. It's time to think about the yearly presents we give to our loved ones to show our love and appreciation.

It can be quite daunting to think about what to buy as presents. We don't want to buy the same things over and over again each year. For you to not only show your appreciation, you can make your gift extra thoughtful and special by giving customised items that will surely fit the style of your loved one. Your gift will surely stand out from the rest as well.

To help you give an idea on what to give, here are a few things you can keep in mind:


1. Custom Cufflinks

For the men in your life, such as your dad, grandfather, brother, or uncle, a pair of custom cufflinks will never run out of style (since it's also customised to how they want it to be!). Make the pair extra unique and funky by designing it with his favorite cartoon character, favorite sports car, shape, anything. The possibilities are just endless. He will make sure to wear it not just during special occasions but on regular days when he wants to give honor to your lovely present.

2. Custom Lapel Pins

One of our popular products are lapel pins customised to however design you like. This is a popular option for our clients when getting something special for their family members. Some want designs shaped as an animated character of their siblings, some in unique and trendy designs, while some want to have the name of their loved one lasered or engraved unto the pins to make it more personal. Whatever concept you may have, no matter how crazy or funny it is, we shall do our best to replicate them into pins without any judgement!

3. Custom Keyrings

Keyrings have always been on the list of best gifts to get up to this day. But, simple keyrings bought in stores in the mall are not your best bet, and will only bore your loved ones. Make your keyring extra special by customising it to your loved one's taste and style. We guarantee you he/she will be more excited to receive a custom keyring that is as charming as the one who gave it.

4. Custom Wine Charms

There's always a bottle of wine or champagne poppin' somewhere, especially when it's Friday. Wine night with the family becomes extra classy with custom wine charms to distinguish your own glass from the rest. This little accessory will help your loved one look forward to more wine nights or date nights with you.


Get these custom items at TiesN'Cuffs in no time! We will work with you to create the best custom product you want for your special someone. Check out our website to see more products you can customize for yourself or for your family!