The ‘Psychology’ Of Keys And Keyrings

An average person would probably forget a lot of things in a day. Topping the list of essentials that people forget are keys! You are not alone. Besides keys, people also tend to forget daily other important stuff like phones, purses, wallets, and others. Many have tried to lessen the chances of forgetting these essentials, but they continue to have this habit most of the time. They try to correct this by using custom keyrings with simple designs to the most eccentric. People say the more adorned, the better, so you would not forget things you attach to your custom keyrings like your keys and other daily essentials.


Doctor Ernest Jones of the University of Toronto published a Psychology Journal briefly explaining what he thinks is the psychology of "misplaced keys." Jones shared various annoying instances when he forgot or misplaced his keys to either his office or drawer. As a workaholic, he noted in his paper that "the mistake (of leaving his keys) unconsciously demonstrates where I would rather be at the moment (at home)."


Even the renowned Australian neurologist Sigmund Freud said losing your keys is "done on purpose." Freud wrote in his book, The Psychopathology of Everyday Life, that we lose our objects "on account of hidden but powerful motives." "Somethings is forgotten for its own sake," he claimed. Whether these theories are real or not, these will continue to be relevant as keys are lost every day.


As it may be psychological, it is evident throughout history, and perhaps, based on anyone’s experience, that using custom keyrings has saved a lot of time and people for tight situations because of their habitual "memory loss."


Those who would go even through lengths of commissioning a custom keyring maker to produce a keyring anyone would never forget bringing. Even companies have banked on these marketing tactics of giving out custom keyrings for events. Most people do not give so much attention to these simple marketing strategies, but they work and would have lasting effects on customers. Before the pandemic, giving away small tokens like custom made keyrings is common in various gatherings from birthdays to corporate events. People tend to use their keys with well-designed custom keyrings than simple ones. Why? Simple. The better, the more they can remember—a practical yet cost-efficient solution for everyone. One of Australian’s top custom keyring makers is that provided customers with various quality products for years. Try them out, and never forget your keys again!