33 of the Top Wedding Venues in Australia

When it comes to having the best wedding you can imagine, there are lots of factors to consider; what dress to wear, who to invite, who you’re going to marry… and while where you have your wedding might not be as crucial to the success of the day as the person you marry, it’s definitely something that requires a lot of thought.

Because there are so many places to choose from, selecting just one can be tricky. Not to mention that you must also decide on the style of venue. In the past this was quite simple; you got married in a church and then went somewhere nearby.

But times have changed and the options you have in front of you are incredible. Think about where you want to have your wedding.


Is it in a traditional style reception hall? On a beach? Next to a river? Do you have a preference for inside vs. outside? If you’re still completely lost, don’t fret, in this list you’ll see a broad range of amazing wedding locations all around Australia.

Top Wedding Locations in Sydney

Location #1: Royal Botanic Gardens

One of the most popular places to get married, the Royal Botanic Gardens is a beautiful spot all year round. It offers some fantastic backdrops of the Sydney skyline and because of the sheer size of the place, you can choose from 12 different locations to have your wedding.

Location #2: Observatory Hills Park

Located just West of the Rocks, Observatory Hills Park is one of the most popular wedding locations in Sydney. With views of the Harbour Bridge, it’s really hard to beat.

Location #3: Icebergs at Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is famous the world over and for good reason. It’s the most iconic beach in Australia, which is why it’s also a very popular place to hold a wedding in Sydney. The Bondi Icebergs club sits at the southern end of the beach and with great views it’s a great place to hold your wedding reception.

Location #4: Moby Dicks at Whale Beach

Located about 40km north of the Sydney CBD, Whale Beach is another popular place to hold your wedding. The beach itself makes for some attractive wedding photos and nearby there are several venues in which to hold your reception, with Moby Dicks being our pick.

Location #5: Orso Bayside Reception

With stunning views of the middle harbour, Orso Bayside Reception is another wonderful venue for your wedding. It has a minimalist design and floor-to-ceiling glass so that you can see the boats bobbing up and down in the harbour while you enjoy your reception.

Top Wedding Locations in Melbourne

Location #1: Leonda by the Yarra

Located in Hawthorn just a few minutes from the CBD, Leonda by the Yarra is one of the most picturesque wedding locations in Melbourne. They offer three different spaces with two of them being inside and one being outside with the Yarra River as a backdrop. It even has its own jetty, so you can elect to arrive or depart by boat if you so wish.

Location #2: Park Hyatt Melbourne

The Park Hyatt in Melbourne is one of the city’s more special hotels. It was recently awarded the #2 hotel in Melbourne by the Conde Nast Travelers Readers Awards. It has a wonderful feel about the place and there’s a wide range of venues to choose from depending on the size and scale of your wedding reception.

Location #3: Myer Mural Hall

Upon entering the Mural Hall, you feel like you’ve gone back in time a little. It can accommodate up to 500 guests, so it’s a great choice if your wedding is going to be super sized. It also sports a spectacular grand staircase which is perfect for introducing the new couple.

Location #4: The Langham

The Langham Hotel is considered by many in the know to be Melbourne’s finest hotel. It has an old world feel to it that will make any young couple feel that they’ve arrived. It’s in a great location and there are plenty of venues to choose from depending on the size and style of wedding you’re after.

Location #5: Sandringham Yacht Club

Located just down the road from the CBD, the Sandringham Yacht Club is located on one of Melbourne’s most breathtaking spots. When you have your wedding here, you’ll have spectacular views of the harbour and you’ll be able to feel the sea breeze on your face when you’re standing on it’s large balcony.  

Top Wedding Locations in Brisbane

Location #1: Eves on the River

Eves on the River is a restaurant located in the middle of Teneriffe, right on the Brisbane river. They also offer you the option to have your ceremony close by on their lawn that is right on the river. They’re also very flexible with regards to the size of your wedding and offer a consultant to help you with all the organisation.

Location #2: Customs House

Customs House has long been considered one of Brisbane’s premier function venues. When you hold your wedding here you’ll be overlooking the Brisbane river and there are a large number of rooms to choose from depending on the size of your wedding.

Location #3: Ocean View Estates

Located around 45km from Brisbane’s CBD amongst a vineyard, Ocean View Estates is becoming one of the more popular wedding venue choices in Brisbane. If you’re the type of person who would prefer a quiet country wedding to a wedding in the CBD, then Ocean View Estates is definitely something you should look at.

Location #4: Shafston Weddings

Shafston House is a heritage listed house located at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane. If you’re interested in having your wedding in an historical location, then Shafston House could be the right choice for you. It has an old world feel to it that you’ll either love or loathe, so it should be on your list of places to research.

Location #5: Royal on the Park

Royal on the Park is a hotel located in the Brisbane CBD. The ballroom is particularly popular for weddings, with it being able to hold just over 400 guests, there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to squeeze all your guests in here.

Top Wedding Locations in Perth

Location #1: The Indiana, Cottesloe

What Bondi Beach is to Sydney, Cottesloe is to Perth. And of all the venues near the beach, the Indiana is our favourite. It can cater up to 140 people for a sit-down wedding, so it’s not for someone planning a huge wedding, but if you’re after a more intimate setting, this could be the one for you.

Location #2: Sitella, Swan Valley

If you’re after a winery style wedding in Perth then you’d be hard pressed to find a better venue than Sitella, located in the Swan Valley. It’s a tranquil setting with beautiful vineyard views from the main room and even though it has a country feel to it, it’s only 30 minutes from the CBD.

Location #3: Matilda Bay Restaurant

As the name suggests, Matilda Bay Restaurant is located on Matilda Bay, near Perth. They offer several rooms with views of the bay and the city skyline. Depending on the size of your wedding, you might want to choose the larger Roe Room, or the more intimate Catalina Room which has its own private patio.

Location #4: South of Perth Yacht Club

Located a stone’s throw from the Perth CBD, the South of Perth Yacht Club is a spectacular place to have your wedding. It has views over two rivers as well as the Perth skyline. They offer several different options for your wedding, from intimate rooms to huge events outdoors.

Location #5: Hotel Rottnest, Rottnest Island

If you’re after something a little unusual and away from the hustle and bustle of the city, hosting your wedding on Rottnest Island might be for you. And if you’re interested in getting married on the island, then Hotel Rottnest should be right up the top of wedding venues. There are a number of different venues within the hotel, so no matter how you want your wedding to be, you’re guaranteed to find something that fits you. And you never know, you might even end up with a visit from a Quokka!


Top Wedding Locations in Adelaide


Location #1: St. Kilda Beach Hotel

The St Kilda Beach Hotel is one of the most sought after reception venues in Adelaide. With an upstairs room that looks out over the ocean, it’s not hard to understand why. The main function room seats around 180 people, so unless you’re planning a huge wedding they should be able to accommodate you and your guests.

Location #2: Singapore House

Singapore House is an unusual choice but is a fantastic option for smaller weddings. It’s probably not going to suit you if you’re looking to have a larger wedding, but for smaller groups it could be great. Check out their website and see if it’s something that would suit you.

Location #3: Royal SA Yacht Squadron

The Royal South Australian Yacht Squadron is a great choice for just about any size wedding, but due to the size of the venue, they’re capable of catering to large weddings as well. Even if you’re not a sailor, the beautiful views over the water will make a special day even more enjoyable.

Location #4: Flagstaff Hill Golf Club

An exclusive 18 hole golf course located in the Adelaide Hills, the Flagstaff Hill Golf Club is a great place to hold a wedding even if you have no interest in the game itself. They will typically host 25-30 weddings a year, so you’ll be in safe hands if you hold your wedding at this venue.

Location #5: Adelaide Pavilion

Located in the heart of Adelaide, the Adelaide Pavilion is another lovely spot to have your wedding. They have a number of rooms available and the venues are all beautifully laid out. They’re also quite helpful when it comes to organising your big day.

Top Wedding Locations in Tasmania

Location #1: Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel

The Old Woolstore Apartment Hotel is, as the name suggests is an old wool storage building. It has since been converted into a modern hotel, but the exterior has an old Australian look about it. It’s centrally located in Hobart and just a stone’s throw from the waterfront.

Location #2: Hobart Function & Conference Centre

If you like waterfront weddings then it’s hard to beat the Hobart Function and Conference Centre. If you were any closer to the water you would be wet and with floor to ceiling glass windows, you’ll feel like you’re out at sea. There are six rooms to choose from, so whatever the size of your wedding you’ll be covered here.

Top Wedding Locations in Canberra

Location #1: Hellenic Club Canberra

If you’ve been to a few weddings in Canberra yourself then there’s a decent chance you’ve already been to the Hellenic Club. It’s centrally located (well, as central as you can get in Canberra) in Woden and you have three rooms to choose from, so whether you’re after a grand ballroom, a quiet inner city venue or an outside garden wedding, the Hellenic Club can help you out.

Location #2: Boat House by the Lake

As you might be able to guess from the name, Boat House by the Lake sits right on Lake Burley Griffin. It was recently voted as the top wedding venue by caterers in Canberra, and if you check it out you just might find yourself thinking the same.

Location #3: Rex Hotel

The Rex Hotel is another popular wedding venue in Canberra. They pride themselves in offering more bespoke weddings. When you book a wedding at the Rex Hotel, you’ll sit down with the wedding team that includes the executive chef and discuss how you would like your day to go. They also claim to be the most comprehensive wedding packages in Canberra.

Top Wedding Locations in Darwin

Location #1: Darwin Botanic Gardens

If you’re looking to get married in Darwin, then a popular location that is definitely worth a look at are the Botanic Gardens. To book a wedding here you’ll need to apply with the events coordinator. Because it is a public space, there are some rules and regulations that you’ll have to follow, but they’re all quite reasonable.

Location #2: Vibe Hotel Darwin

Another great choice for a wedding in Darwin is the Vibe Hotel. Located centrally with views over the water, whether you’re after an informal cocktail style wedding or a more formal sit down dinner, they can accommodate you.

Location #3: Mary River Wilderness Retreat

Mary River Wilderness retreat is located about halfway between Darwin and Kakadu National Park. They operate two main rooms with one holding around 50 people, the other is ideal for larger weddings and can accommodate up to 300 guests.