Which Material is Better for Ties: Polyester or Silk?

Ties are one of the key parts that comprise a complete corporate uniform. They might seem like decorative fashion items hanging on one’s shirt, but the type of tie used can make or break a whole outfit. Ties are actually regarded an important element for men to consider when wanting to look professional and polished. Therefore, it would be helpful to know the right material you want yours to be made from, depending on the look, occasion, and style you are after.

There are two common materials for ties: polyester and silk. Depending on which type of material you choose, your whole look would be greatly affected. In this post, we briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both to help you choose which type fits right to you:

Polyester Ties

  • Polyester is cheaper than silk – this material is a lot more popular because it is cheaper. Many companies opt for polyester ties since they can pay lesser for a large number of employees.
  • They are wrinkle-resistant – Polyesters are easy to wash, dry, store, and wear since they are resistant to any wrinkles and crumples. They do not need a lot of care and can withstand a lot of knotting and unknotting when being worn every day.
  • They are stain-resistant – As mentioned, they do not need a lot of care and attention. You need not to worry when your good looking tie gets a little stained because they easily repel liquid. If you do get stained, chances are people won’t notice it and won’t confront you of having a little mess on your uniform. You can easily throw them in the washing machine too without affecting their quality.

Silk Ties

They are very light – Silk ties are lightweight and breathable making them more comfortable than polyester ones. They are much preferred when used in a hot environment as they can help the person stay cooler as compared to polyester ties.
  • They look classy – This is why they are commonly used in special occasions such as weddings, and in other formal or dressier occasions. They show off a nice sheen and shine making them look for classy.
  • They cost more but are more high-end – Being on the classier side also means costing more than the polyester, though the difference is not that huge. They are also harder to care for since their sheer soft fabric is quite delicate.
In the end, the type of tie you choose solely depends on your purpose, style, and occasion. Whichever you select, you easily have your ties customized to your preferred color, design, with your select logo. Ties N’Cuffs has been working for years to provide the best high quality custom ties for many companies and businesses.