Why Need a Custom Embroidered Patch?

You know you want it. But sometimes, we shrug off that want thinking it needs too much work to reach it! Well, truth to be told, receiving a coveted patch from your organization of choice is hard work.


If you want to get it quickly, you can always visit Tiesncuffs for your custom embroidered patch, that will reflect your personality, advocacy, and dreams.


But for more prominent organizations, a worth-while effort is nothing for a well-deserved patch that you deserve.


Though most people regard custom embroidered patches as art pieces, it is also a representation of an organization or advocacy that those who wear it, are proud to show to the world.


History books suggest that custom embroidered patches were first created in China in the 5th and 3rd century BC. Chinese are skilled at making patches with their various sewing techniques, unknown to the west. Over many years, when the east met the west, Chinese authentic custom embroidered patches, were introduced to the rest of the world.


While there are now many machines that could easily make patches, there are still a few who embroider patches painstakingly by hand, creating unique pieces, its machine counterparts could not do in mass.


Alphonse Kursheedt is to thank for the invention of the first embroidery machine in the 1800s. It is a combination of looms and hand embroidery. Not long ago, Isaak Groeble created a Schiffle embroidery machine that uses continuous threaded needle and shuttle.


With the advent of modern and much more advanced technology, most organizations and companies are now using “digitized” methods like using patterns in making patches, especially those produced in baulk. That is one significant development which now enables mass production of custom patches in bulk for various purposes and occasions. Patches are being used in sports teams in their uniforms, exclusive clubs, organizations, among others. The possibility of patch use is endless! Some even use it as giveaways during special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and alike.


Patches are not simple visual emblems. Modern custom embroidered patches are pieces of clothing produced sturdly through years or technological developments throughout the years. Most are woven using quality plastic backings and threads that elevate its quality that is assured to last for long. One of the many embroidered patch makers who has committed to refining their service and quality is Tiesncuffs, a suitable partner in your goal of producing a patch that would mirror your motives or apparitions of your organization.