TiesnCuffs Testimonial #542

My fiancé and I ordered 3 sets of ties and cufflinks for our bridal party, it was so easy and convenient to find what we were after over the internet and the sign up process was quick and painless.One of the great things was the variety of methods available to actually make a payment.The very next morning before we had even checked our mail, we had an email from Andrew apologizing for delivering only 2 of the 3 sets.Their small mistake was made aware to us before we knew what was going on, and rectified straight away.By the second day our order was delivered as promised.We all make mistakes and everyone is human, and even though it didnt affect us adversely, it was great to be informed all the way about what was going on.Our experience confirmed for us the honesty and integrity of Ties n Cuffs and we will definitely be using the website again. Thanks Andrew.

Craig and Megan from Toowang QLD 2/7/6

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