TiesnCuffs Testimonial #1137

My son's Year 12 Formal was last week.After an agonising few weeks fitting and hiring a suit as well as tracking down and finding suitable shoes, I was not able - no matter where I searched - to find a tie and hank in the colour my son desperately wanted.I finally found your site but didn't feel confident ordering a tie without seeing the colour first hand.I phoned your rep and described the colour my son wanted.She sent me a material swatch of the colour she thought would be close within two days. My son confirmed the colour was exactly right!Thanks to her outstanding service and follow up communication, I was able to order a matching tie and hank as well as black socks which I had not been able to find anywhere here in his size.The silk tie and hank were of a high quality and the pricing was spot on.All items were separately wrapped in cellophane and arrived the day after my order which was fantastic. I have recommended your site and service to the suit hire service we used and have told, and will continue to tell, people of what a gem TiesnCuffs is.Well done!

Adrienne from Runcorn25th November 09

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