TiesnCuffs Testimonial #1506

I live in Kununurra in the East Kimberley of West Australia and had come down to Perth a week before my wedding. I detest pretty much every thing about shopping for clothes particuarly having to try on different stuff. My brother had stumbeled upon ties n cuffs by chance and the order he placed had arrived in 2 buisness days from placing his order. So i ordered a tone of stuff, for the wedding, the lady called me up because she didnt have it all in stock, i told her what i wanted and where she gave me choices i asked her to choose for me which she was happy to do with out asking me too many questions about what i liked. The stuff arrived in the 2 buisness days from the East Coast two days before the wedding which meant the emergency day i had kept up my sleve i could spend relaxing with my freinds and family who had travelled from all over for the wedding. Now i dont normally write feedback to buisnesses but i have taken the time becuase i was very happy with the job they did and the price which i thought overal was very reasonable.

Steven, Shenton Park, 6th November

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