Striped Beanies

Shop our Striped Beanies collection which is not only trendy for the cold season, but also all year round. These beanies are available in different colors – blue, red, yellow and green to go stylishingly with any of your outfits. Beanies are perfect accessories that will not only keep your head warm, but also keep you trendy and fashionable, and they’re perfect for bad hair days.

Beanies are also perfect gift items for your dad, brother, friend, or whoever needs a style update. These striped beanies are unisex and can go with any type of look.

Here in Ties N Cuffs, you can also customise your own beanie. Get your brand logo or personal artwork embroidered onto the beanies to elevate your branding, or just your everyday look. Either way, custom beanies definitely help you get that recognition and keep heads turning. You can easily promote your company or brand by incorporating a custom beanie with your everyday uniform for you and your team. Or cap on one during casual days when you just want to lounge around, or walk around the block.

You can also give away beanies during your special events or pop ups as they are great promotional items. Both practical and stylish, beanies are definitely a must-have pieces, so people will definitely appreciate receiving them.

Order one of our Striped Beanies now at a very affordable price. For custom beanies, send us a photo of your design or let us know your design concept and we’ll quickly come up with an artwork of how your beanies will look like. Contact us to get started!