Clip on Ties

Convert Your Tie to a Clip-On

At Ties’n’Cuffs we are always thinking of unique ways to make life easier for you, and our Clip-On tie conversion service is no exception. Simply send us your tie (or select one of our many styles), tell us your desired length, and we’ll get converting your regular necktie into a clip-on. The process is simply, and once done, you are assured of No More knots!

There are so many reasons and benefits to using clip-on ties:

1.       Tightly tied standard neckties may be a source of irritation and discomfort

2.       You get the perfect knot every time

3.       Occupational safety – e.g. police officers & security guards wear clip-ons as a precaution against being strangled by the tie   

4.       Allows more breathing space than a conventional necktie, especially in hot summer months

5.       Time and energy saver as clip-on ties can be put on more quickly than a conservative tie

Whatever your reason, it is a fact that traditionally; clip-on ties were generally available in limited styles, sizes, and prints relative to their conventional counterparts. With the Ties’n’Cuffs Clip-On Tie Conversion, you can now wear all your favourite ties safely and comfortably.

How to properly put on a clip-on tie from Jaime Green on Vimeo.