World Cup Ties: Show your team spirit

Take your passion for your team to the office during the World Cup without sacrificing style. A great way to accomplish this is to design a tie that conveys your allegiance to your national heritage or country of choice. The result can be a subtle nod, or an outright shout out depending upon the choices you make. 

Use team colors
Colors are a key way to share your team allegiance. A two or three color pattern in the team colors is just one way to declare you are a fan. This can be accomplished with an allover stripe pattern, or a single multi-colored stripe. 

Incorporate text
There could be a little confusion with the color-only option as to which team you are ultimately rooting for though, since several teams share basic color schemes. Another way to create a tie is to use the colors and add a logo or name of the team to make it clear. 

Add an image
You certainly do not have to limit yourself when it comes to designs. Photos can be uploaded onto your tie, or images that convey how you feel about the World Cup. 

Go for symbolism
Like the official FIFA World Cup emblem, the design process can be symbolic in nature. In the official emblem, the inspiration was drawn from hands raised in victory holding the trophy. The interlocking hands and the Brazilian yellow and green color scheme of the emblem all contribute to the overall welcoming feeling FIFA wanted to portray. 

A custom tie in and of itself shows your style in a way that is unique to you. The options available are huge, so you can really mix and match the elements until your personal style is discovered. Choose the colors and patterns, the material and length that suits you the best.