Footy Scarves Style

Acyrillic Woven Scarves

Just send us your logo and colours and we will design the most suitable scarf based on your requirements. Our knitted sports scarves are made from acrylic, they are oblong in shape with traditional frayed edges.

Footy Scarf Style

There are a number of different styles we can implement to decorate your custom scarf, here are our most popular production options that we use to create your desired custom supporter scarf:

· Knitted acrylic woven scarf. A completely knitted scarf is the most traditional production method.  This design is available in both can be single or double sided design options.

· Knitted acrylic scarf featuring embroidered logo’s. This design option is a combination of knitting and embroider. It is used particularly to showcase your logo but still encompass a traditional knitted style.

· Knitted acrylic  scarf with embroidered patch. The embroidered patch option is ideal in enhancing an intricate logo that cannot be woven or embroidered. A production method that allows any logo to be included in your custom design.

· Woven acrylic scarf . A complete woven scarf production method, available in both single and double sided design options.

Features that can be added to your custom scarf:

· Pockets- additional design option to the ends of the scarf.

· Woven patches. An ideal option if you would like to incorporate different logo’s in your design.

· Swing tags. Available feature to add to your custom scarf.