Personalised Coins

Our personalised coins can help you create lasting reminders of special moments and accomplishments happening in your life. We understand that commemorating those special moments with small mementos will remind you of those wonderful times in your life, so we make sure to create the best personalised coin for you.

Special occasions can be turned extraordinary through our personalised one-off coins. You can turn a coin into a special gift for your grandfather who loves collecting unique coins, or turn a coin to represent your company that you have built over the years. It doesn’t matter what you are celebrating. Big or small, any moment can be celebrated with a unique keepsake such as a personalised coin.

Here in Ties N’ Cuffs, we let you decorate your special coin easily. Whether it’s a heartfelt message, an important date to remember, a name of your precious loved one, your brand’s motto, or simply your favorite quote of all time, we make sure to have it carefully engraved in the coin. You can then choose what image you want stamped in to the coin. All its details will surely be considered to bring that photo to life. 

All coins are crafted from solid brass and coated in rhodium for durability. You can decide whether you want your medallion or coin to be silver, gunmetal, or gold plated, and single or double-sided. You personalised coin will come packed in a special velvet pouch.

Our team will work endlessly to follow your specifications in order to create the best piece that will last for years to come as a commemoration of your special day.We help you honor that special day with a lasting souvenir that is timeless and personalised to recall that moment in time.