The Ultimate Guide to Custom Lapel Pins

Lapel pins in the past were often worn to identify oneself to an organization, however, recently lapel pins have become a trend among celebrities to further stylize their apparel and worn by prominent people to embellish their classic look. Big couture houses and streetwear brands have captured the fad and have started pairing their products with sleek choices of lapel pins. To better decide on what pins distinctly befits you, here is a guide to help you out!

The Ultimate Guide to Custom Lapel Pins Image


Soft enamel pins Image

Soft enamel pins

  • Raised edges with recessed color
  • Traditional and classic
  • Textured feel
Hard enamel pins Image

Hard enamel pins

  • Heavier in weight and quality
  • More durable
  • Polished and has a glassy finish
  • Smooth surface
Die struck pins Image

Die struck pins

  • No color
  • Raised and recessed metal
  • Polished raised areas
  • Textured recessed areas
  • Elegant industrial look
3D pins Image

3D pins

  • With multiple surface levels and angles
  • Clear depth and detail
  • With smooth and textured areas
Printed Pins Image

Printed Pins

  • Characterized by colorful designs and texts
  • Made by either offset printing or silk screen printing
  • Recommended for photo reproduction and designs that are multicolored


Inquiry Received Image

Inquiry Received

(Along with logo and/or design Instructions)

Designers Create

Complimentary Artwork

Designers Create Image
Artwork Image


Is forwarded to you by our friendly salesperson along with pricing

You Choose Preferred Concept

(*Request for revisions are welcome. We Make Sure you are happy with the design.)

You Choose Preferred Concept Image

Order Is Placed

Final Production Artwork Is sent to you for Approval

Production Starts

After Approval is received

Production Starts Image


Production Starts Image Production Starts Image Production Starts Image
Some Things to Remember Icon

Some Things to Remember

  • Intricate details may need to be simplified except for printed pins
  • If you have specific PMS colors, we'd love to know this firsthand


Butterfly Clutch Image

Butterfly Clutch - This is our standard backing so if you do not specify what backing you want, this is what we will use.

Safety Pin Image

Safety Pin - Customers who want their pins to stay in place and not rotate on their clothes prefer to use the safety pin backing.

Magnet Image

Magnet - This is preferred by those who want to avoid the holes that the butterfly clutch and safety pin make on clothes.

We created this pin guide -and simplified it - in hopes that you'll be confident to make your order. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions, as we will gladly address them. We guarantee that your satisfaction is our primary responsibility. Send us your inquiries today!