Fathers Days Gift Ideas

This collection is dedicated to all things awesome for your dad on Father’s Day. You don’t need to get confused on looking for the perfect gift, as these items are a no-fail to put a smile on your dad’s face!

You don't have to spend buckets just to show your appreciation to your dad. A simple card might even do the trick. But it also won't hurt to give him a little something special that he can use on a regular basis. It doesn't have to be grand; just something that would remind him of how awesome he is. These items are perfect for you if you’re looking for something practical, unique, and personalised to make the occasion more special.

Our “I Love Dad” and “Word’s Best Dad” cufflinks are the perfect cufflinks to voice out and show off your love to your dad. No need for more cheesy messages; these cufflinks already say everything that your dad needs to know!

If you’re looking for more classic pieces, shop for personalised cufflinks in silver, gold, and gunmetal in different shapes. Have his initials or full name engraved to help him be more confident in sporting his suit-and-tie looks and everyday uniform to work. He’ll surely appreciate your effort and help in making him look more dapper.

Add more color to your dad's uniform by purchasing Anodised Cufflinks in Green, Red and Purple. These personalised cufflinks will brighten up your dad’s plain outfits and will add a subtle yet effective accent in completing a casual look.

Our Knotted Cufflinks are also the perfect accessory if he wants to change things up a bit  and opt for fabric details yet still stylish.

Grab any of these items at Ties N' Cuffs for your dear dad and look out for great deals, discounts, and sales during Father’s Day!